Brace yourself for Job Mail Social Media tips this week

It’s week 5 of the #jobmailtipoftheday series at Job Mail and this week we’re going to give you some useful Social Media tips on the Job Mail social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram).

If you think that what you do on social media is limited to your friends circle, think again. Anything you do on the internet is public – even if you have the most stringent privacy settings, you can be Googled and found. This has a huge impact on people in the job market as everything is more transparent and it has become difficult to keep your private life and professional life separate.

Social Media

70% of recruiters make use of at least one of the social platforms to find out more about you when considering you for a job. Are they seeing what you want them to see, or are they seeing those embarrassing moments?

If you are in the job market, make sure you clean up your social profiles. Social media does not have to damage your reputation, in fact you can use it to you advantage in terms of portraying a professional persona. Using social media during your job search is a great way to connect to influencers / gurus / experts in your area of expertise, and networking gives you access to an unadvertised job market if done correctly.

While you are waiting for us to post useful tips, get 10 essential interview tips, find out how to dress for success, get useful CV tips and get the useful CV advice that you need to make your job hunting journey a little easier.

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