5 Useful social media tips for job seekers

This week was the fifth one in our #jobmailtipoftheday campaign. This week’s topic was social media (which has become an integral part of the job hunting process in recent times). During the course of the week we have been posting updates on our social profiles featuring social media tips and advice for job seekers.

Social Media

In case you missed our updates, here’s a summary featuring useful social media tips for job seekers:

1. Using social media during your job search is a great way to connect to influencers in your area of expertise. For example: If you’re interested in the Medical field, follow doctors and nurses. If you’re a musician, follow some of your favorite bands.

2. Do not just connect to major players. Participate, engage and stand out. Remember that one of the key elements of social media is two-way communication. If you start sharing the knowledge you’ve gained you may become someone that people see as an expert / guru / influencer in your field.

3. Social media can be your worst enemy or your best chance when job hunting. You decide which one it will be. Think twice about what you post on your social networks. If you’re looking for a job don’t post pics that could harm your professional image. It’s all about cleaning up your digital footprint. Remember that a potential employer will Google you, but you can control what they see.

4. Do not slander your current boss (or any boss for that matter) on Facebook. He / she is probably a friend that you forgot you accepted. If you have a problem with your current employer, address it, don’t moan about it on Facebook.

5. In this technology driven age that we live in it has become essential to develop networking skills if you’re thinking of finding a new job. You may think social media is a fad, but take note that networking builds genuine, trusting relationships with relevant people for a mutually beneficial relationship. Networking gives you access to an unadvertised job market and it’s perfect for showcasing your unique offer to potential employers.

Well, there you have it, a summary of this week’s #jobmailtipoftheday updates for social media tips. If you’ve found this information useful, feel free to share this article with your friends on your social networks. You could be the reason that your friend aces his / her next interview.

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