9 Essential tips for Dressing for Success

We continued with our #jobmailtipoftheday campaign this week by posting essential tips for dressing for success on our social profiles. Because we realize that some of you can’t be on the internet all the time, we’re posting a summary of this week’s tips today. We trust that you’ll find this information useful.

Dressing for Success

1. There’s nothing wrong with having tattoos, but try to keep them covered during an interview. Remember that not everyone has the same perception about tattoos as you. Tattoos are part of who you are, but not necessarily part of the image that the company wishes to project. You might know what the Chinese inscription on your left arm means, but it may look like gibberish to your potential employer.

2. Dress according to company culture. Many companies don’t mind jeans if you look neat in them, but make sure that you ask first, and never show up in an interview wearing jeans.  If you’re unsure what the company culture is, dress professionally to be safe.

3. When dressing for an interview (or even if you already have the job), please remember that it’s not a competition to show off as much skin as possible. You might be flaunting what you have, but no one really wants to see your body parts in a professional environment.

4. Ladies, please remember that your “girls” should never become part of the conversation. Keep them contained and under wraps. Wearing sheer tops with  brightly coloured underwear to an interview, or any other time in an office environment is not such a good idea. Rule of thumb: if you can see your underwear in the mirror, you need thicker material in your top.

5. When casual wear is acceptable at the office, avoid wearing torn, un-ironed / unwashed clothing at the office. Always look neat and well presented. Remember: it’s all about selling yourself and making a good first impression when it comes to interviews.

6. Ladies, when it comes to dressing for success it’s not a competition on who can wear the highest heels or the shortest skirts. Keep the length a maximum of three fingers above the knee and the height of your shoes down. You can wear those killer heels at the office party, not during your interview.  Also take note that too much make-up could be perceived as a lack of confidence or being someone you are not.

7. Men, belts are there for a reason, use them. When going to an interview ensure your pants are tied at your waist and not your knees. Underwear showing may be hip and cool, but this will count against you in an interview.

8. Remember: Hoodies are great for warmth but if you are wearing one in an interview, keep your head uncovered (otherwise you will look creepy), sunglasses are meant to be worn outside (not in your cubicle) and baseball caps should be worn for baseball (not a board meeting).

9. Too much perfume / aftershave does putt people off , so try not spray the whole Hugo Boss onto your person.

Well, there you have it, a summary of this week’s #jobmailtipoftheday updates for Dressing for Success. If you’ve found this information useful, feel free to share this article with your friends on your social networks. You could be the reason that your friend aces his / her next interview.

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  1. tariro mafunga says:

    I am a Zimbabwean with a work permit and an international drivers licence looking for a reliable company to work with.I am looking for a job as a supervisor in housing or road construction.15yrs exp

  2. Linda Shamuyarira says:

    I have recently acquired a BCom Honours in Business Management.I am looking for any position in the following fields,accounting,investment,financial management and administration..

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link http://bit.ly/XYlihL (on your mobile phone). Then look for Jobs that you need at http://bit.ly/YN2hz9 (on your cell phone) or http://bit.ly/ZaJZra (on your PC) and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via signmeup@jobmail.co.za

  3. Bruce says:

    Thanks for another fantastic article. The place else may just anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect means of writing?

    I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for
    such information.

  4. Francois says:

    How do I know if recruiter are viewing me CV on Jobmail? Thanks for all your useful tips.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Francois – You will get feedback from them. You can also view the status of your application on your profile.

  5. Donnè says:

    Hi some advise please I really want to relocate and work in Johannesburg or Pretoria that I even stayed in both areas for 3months each and job hunted but nothing came just interviews,but I feel Durban isn’t working for me and anymore how can I land jobs out of my province without being there to attend interviews the next day Please advise Thanks

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Test the waters while you are in Durban, look around for positions in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Try looking for part time positions. Start at the bottom and work yourself up. Start looking for jobs before you relocate to Gauteng.

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