Top 7 Career Skills for 2018

Are you keeping track of career trends, including the career skills that are most in demand at any given time? If not, then you should be! These trends can be your guiding light for making the right decisions regarding your studies and career options.


Here are the career skills that will give you the edge in 2018:

1. Digital skills

Digital technology plays a crucial role in virtually every modern job sector, so it should come as no surprise that digital skills top the list of most sought-after skills in 2018. Employment opportunities in this field have skyrocketed, with companies on the lookout for app developers, website developers, graphic designers, information and network security specialists, software developers and computer programmers. If you’re looking for good (often high-paying) job opportunities and career security, then consider developing your digital skills.

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2. Data analysis

The world of work is increasingly driven by data. Amongst other functions, data is used to measure performance, analyse budgets, project sales and identify customer preferences. But numbers are useless without people to interpret them. If your analytical skills are related to finance, business intelligence and marketing, then you’ll be seen as a particularly valuable asset to companies.

3. Social media literacy

Social media has become an invaluable marketing tool for companies. Without a social media presence, businesses would fall behind their competitors. The power of this groundbreaking medium will continue to grow in 2018, meaning that social media experts will be in higher demand than ever. The ability to effectively harness social media isn’t restricted to a single line of work – employees in marketing, business management, public relations, human resource management, and tourism and hospitality should all have at least a basic knowledge of this career skill.

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4. Creativity and problem-solving

In a world where automation is replacing a variety of functions in the workplace, soft skills are often the factor that sets one organisation apart from another. In the face of high levels of competition, companies require greater creativity and problem-solving skills than ever before. When making hiring decisions, employers will place massive importance on candidates’ soft skills in 2018, particularly creativity and problem-solving. Pay as much attention to developing these skills as you do to developing your technical skills.

5. Management skills

Management positions are still amongt the most sought-after jobs across all sectors. In South Africa, skills shortages are rife in this area, so starting any career with the long-term goal of becoming a manager should give you some solid future prospects.

6. Financial skills

Financial skills are not only useful to develop in your personal life: they are also in high demand by employers. Companies will always need people with the ability to analyse, organise and keep track of finances. If you have an eye for detail and enjoy crunching numbers, then a career in bookkeeping or accounting could be a good option for you in 2018.

7. Sales and marketing skills

Sales, and the ability to effectively market products and services, are the defining success factors for most businesses. With the corporate world becoming ever more competitive, employers are channelling more of their time and money into hiring sales and marketing staff. In 2018, you should find strong demand for skills such as digital marketing, copywriting, social media management, search engine optimisation and specialised sales.

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Top 7 Career Skills for 2018 | Career Tips | Job Mail Blog
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Are you keeping track of career trends, including the career skills that are most in demand at any given time? If not, then you should be!
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