The Ultimate guide to NGO Jobs

NGO jobs offer a variety of rewarding career opportunities. Whether you are an accountant or a project manager, you can put your skills to good use in your community. Not only do NGO vacancies offer variety, they also give you the opportunity to play a role in community upliftment. NGOs in South Africa play a vital role in education and health care. If you want to make a difference in your community and earn an income at the same time, consider finding employment in the NGO sector. You can browse for vacancies, register your CV and apply for NGO jobs in South Africa on Job Mail.


The function of Non-Governmental Organisations

Non-Governmental Organisations strive to meet a need in their community and they operate without assistance from the government. In South Africa numerous NGOs were founded during apartheid to address the needs that were created by a discriminatory government and an inequality in the allocation of resources. NGOs typically rely on donations to continue their operations. Donations can come from within the community or from businesses and international governments. International foundations and companies also contribute to the funding that local NGOs receive. NGOs are involved in a range of tasks which include helping to offer education and food to the more vulnerable members of the community. During apartheid, NGOs in South Africa played an important role in taking care of the families of people who were political prisoners. Advocacy work was also performed by NGOs during this time.


Renowned NGOs include SANGOCO, Africa Co-operative Action Trust and AFRICARE. The Biodynamic Agricultural Association of SA is also a major NGO. Working for these organisations is advantageous as you will be able to add to the impact of a large organisation. Well-known NGOs are also more likely to receive funding and support from a wide range of communities and companies. Working for one of these NGOs is also a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and advance your skills in the NGO sector.

International NGOs have branches across the globe and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature is a renowned international NGO. Working for an international NGO offers you a chance to contribute to change on a large scale. It also offers opportunities to make connections in the NGO sector with people from across the globe. Opportunities to travel for work or to work in different countries may also be offered to employees filling NGO vacancies.

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Types of NGO Jobs

Here are some of the activities which NGOs hire staff members to perform.


NGOs which aim to create change on a small scale focus on projects which are specific to the area that they are working in. They require employees to fundraise which involves organising fundraising events. Fundraisers may also be required to apply for grants or contracts which would provide resources for the NGOs projects. Other professionals that operational NGOs require include staff members who design projects, make budgets and keep accounts. Fieldworkers play a crucial role in the success of operational NGOs. Generally this type of NGO focuses on public welfare or environmental concerns. Project Managers are employed by numerous operational NGOs and they play a vital role in the success of the NGOs projects. Management skills help to increase the impact of projects and to make sure that the projects are run well.

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NGOs which focus on campaigning are concerned with effecting change on a larger scale by targeting political systems. These types of Non-Governmental Organisations hire staff members to communicate with their supporters. Employees are tasked with planning and holding demonstrations which aim to draw attention to the NGO’s cause. They are required to initiate and maintain good relationships with supporters as well as to keep the NGO’s followers motivated. Typically campaigning NGOs focus on human rights issues. Press work and gaining the attention of the media are also an important part of these types of NGOs. NGOs need staff members to assist with public relations. It is essential for NGOs to gain support from the wider community so that they can raise funds and create change on a larger scale. Public relation campaigns can help to establish a network of contacts however they must uphold a high standard of ethics.

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Working for NGOs in South Africa and abroad

If you want to succeed in the NGO sector you will need to be hard-working and self-motivated. Having a passion for community work and creating change is also advantageous. Although it can be difficult to find employment in the NGO sector, completing internships and gaining experience can increase your chances of being hired.


NGO Vacancies on Job Mail

Take a look at Job Mail to find NGO jobs.

Social Worker

Child Welfare South Africa has a vacancy for a registered social worker in the statutory department. This full-time position offers a monthly remuneration. Suitable candidates for this position will have a minimum of two years of experience as well as a code B driver’s licence. The successful applicant will be based in Roodepoort.


Ready to take on the exciting challenges of NGO Jobs? Register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying for NGO vacancies in your field of expertise.

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