The many roles and responsibilities of a Banker

A Banker is responsible for administrative and sales duties and play a vital role in the success of financial institutes. If you are considering careers in finance, this is a position that is worth considering. To succeed you will need to be trustworthy and self-motivated. Additional training and qualifications will help take your career to the next level. If you enjoy working with people and numbers, you can find bank jobs on Job Mail.

Banker Job Description

A Banker is employed by a bank or financial institution. They offer assistance to the bank’s clients and provide information on savings and investments. They are also required to offer advice on bonds and assets. Banking careers require the ability to communicate with clients with the aim of establishing strong relationships.

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Employees in this position are tasked with selling products as well as financial services. Bankers are expected to regularly review the financial institutions products and services in order to familiarise themselves with the latest offers. They relay the latest product information to their clients.

An important part of this position is dealing with client complaints and inquiries. They are expected to resolve any issues that their clients are experiencing with the company’s products or services. While the majority of the Banker’s business is conducted in an office, they may be expected to conduct home visits.

In order to match clients with the right products, Bankers review client files thoroughly. Maintaining a professional demeanour at all times is an important part of this role. Other duties include administrative tasks, such as recording transactions.

Banking careers involve the preparation of monthly balance sheets. A large part of this position involves working with a computer and using banking software. Bankers also spend time talking on the phone or meeting with their clients in person. They are tasked with collecting customer data for marketing purposes.

Skills, Work Environment and Salary

Careers in finance require outstanding mathematical capabilities as well as the ability to work under pressure. To succeed as a Banker you will need to be self-motivated and ambitious. These positions demand a high standard of work quality as well as outstanding reliability. Sales and interpersonal skills are also vital for bank jobs.

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Analytical and problem solving capabilities are necessary for employees in this position. Bankers are required to deal with customer complaints and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. In order to meet these requirements they need to have active listening and communication skills.

Bankers work in financial institutes during normal business hours. They, therefore, enjoy a comfortable work environment. Travel is not a typical requirement for these careers in finance, but a limited amount of travel may occur to attend conferences or to visit a client.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for employees in this role is R115 543 per annum. To increase your income, you can improve your sales skills. Experience in the industry as well as relevant qualifications will increase your chances of securing a promotion.

Banker Qualifications and Training Careers in finance

Banking careers require training in banking or finance. Once you have gained a relevant qualification, you will need to gain experience at a financial institute to familiarise yourself with their products. In order for you to start your career in banking, you will need a Grade 12 certificate.

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Financial institutes offer comprehensive in-house training which includes workshops as well as courses. Obtaining a qualification will increase your chances of securing employment as well as boosting the progression of your career.

One option is to complete a relevant learnership such as a Learnership in Asset Based Finance. Other relevant qualifications include a Diploma in Banking and a Bachelor of Technology in Banking. There are numerous South African universities which offer a selection of financial qualifications.

Bankers are regulated by the FAIS. In order to meet the FAIS regulations they need to register with the FSB and follow their guidelines for continuous learning.

Bank jobs provide a good income as well as opportunities to advance your career. From sales to administrative tasks, you will have a diverse range of responsibilities in this position. If becoming a Banker is not the right choice for you, consider becoming a bank teller. The pleasant working environment and opportunities to develop your capabilities are advantages of banking careers.

The many roles and responsibilities of a Banker
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The many roles and responsibilities of a Banker
A Banker is responsible for administrative and sales duties and play a vital role in the success of financial institutes.
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