The ins and outs of SHEQ jobs in SA

SHEQ jobs offer you an opportunity to ensure that companies are providing a safe work environment for their employees. From writing reports to designing health and safety strategies, there is a range of tasks associated with this position.

Whether you complete SHEQ courses or gain hands-on experience, you can start looking for vacancies once you have developed the skills that are required for this role. If you think that you have what it takes to become a SHEQ officer, take a look at our informative job description.


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)

SHEQ is short for a Safety, Health, Environment and Quality professional. The core responsibility of a SHEQ officer is to design and implement risk management strategies. Once they have designed health and safety programs they train staff members accordingly.

Part of this position involves reviewing the company’s current risk management policies to ensure that high standards of safety are being upheld. They are also required to scrutinise any accidents that take place on-site with the aim of making sure that employees have a safe working environment.

SHEQ officers are responsible for carrying out site inspections to ensure that health and safety procedures are being implemented and followed correctly. They are required to record their findings and produce reports.

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An important task that is associated with this position is risk assessment. While their goal is to create a safe working environment, it is also important that they make sure that the company complies with legislation. It is therefore vital for a SHEQ officer to keep up-to-date with health and safety laws.

SHEQ professionals are required to record accidents and present their findings to the company’s management staff. They ensure that dangerous material is disposed of correctly. They also make sure that equipment is installed correctly according to safety protocols.

Other issues that they deal with include fire and noise regulations.

Education and Skills for SHEQ Jobs

Entry requirements for SHEQ jobs differ from employer to employer. While some companies require relevant experience others require formal training. Opportunities for on-the-job training are available. If you want to increase your chances of being hired, you can complete a general health and safety qualification.

A National Senior Certificate which includes Diploma Entrance eligibility will allow you to complete an Occupational Safety Diploma. SHEQ professionals play a vital role in the mining sector. With a Grade 9 or a NQF Level 1 qualification, you can complete learnerships which are specific to the mining sector. These learnerships cover topics such as occupational safety and hygiene. Mining and minerals are also covered in this training.

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To succeed as a safety officer you will need outstanding problem-solving and analytical skills. Reliability is also essential. Safety officers must be detail-orientated and observant.

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Industries of Work for SHEQ Professionals

SHEQ jobs are available in a wide range of industries. The specific duties of a SHEQ officer differ according to each sector as well as individual employers. To acquire a SHEQ position you will need industry specific knowledge as safety practices and legislation differ between each sector.

According to Payscale the average salary of a safety officer is R 184 367. Audit and safety officer skills are associated with a higher income. Safety officers work on-site as well as in offices. Site inspections are necessary to ensure that safety procedures are upheld at all times.

safety, health, environment and quality jobs

The report writing and administrative tasks that are associated with this role require professionals to spend time in an office. The work conditions vary according to the sector that the safety officer is working in.

SHEQ vacancies can also be referred to as risk and safety manager positions or occupational safety advisor jobs. Other positions to look out for include safety coordinator or injury prevention consultant vacancies.

SHEQ jobs are interesting and challenging. As a SHEQ officer you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to keep workers safe. While this position can be rewarding it is a position of great responsibility too. After completing SHEQ courses you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with this role. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for opportunities today!

The ins and outs of SHEQ jobs in SA
Article Name
The ins and outs of SHEQ jobs in SA
SHEQ jobs are interesting and challenging. As a SHEQ officer you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to keep workers safe.
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