The different career paths for a Business Intelligence Specialist

There are a variety of rewarding employment opportunities for a Business Intelligence Specialist. Business Intelligence jobs offer a variety of opportunities across a range of sectors which is just one of the reasons to consider this career. From high salaries to great career prospects there are plenty of advantages to building a career in this specific field. Before you decide to embark on this career path here is more information on what a position as a Business Intelligence Specialist entails.

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What is Business Intelligence?

To decide if this is the career for you it is advisable to have an accurate understanding of the responsibilities that you will need to perform. While responsibilities may vary across sectors and between companies there are tasks that make up the main duties of a Business Intelligence Analyst.

As companies have access to an increased amount of data there is a rising demand for Business Intelligence Specialists. BI Specialists are required to analyse the data in order to project possible outcomes of business decisions. Once they have determined the client’s requirements specialists in this field will develop and execute BI software systems. They are responsible for providing easy accessibility to the BI systems. Business Specialists ensure that the systems are running efficiently through in-depth testing. They are also required to maintain the BI applications which includes identifying and solving technical challenges. In order to optimise the systems and resolve issues it is necessary to conduct relevant research. The goal of these systems is to improve the efficacy of business decision making. Employees in this role liaise with the developers and system users to collect the data they need to design the system.

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Generally specialists in this specific field will oversee the work of staff members while reporting to the manager of the department. They complete communication processes and develop strategies to complete work assignments. It is essential that tasks are completed within specified deadlines. In order to deliver BI solutions within the project requirements it is necessary to review the project at regular intervals to make sure that each milestone is being met in the specified time frames. The work should also be analysed to ensure that it is of a high quality. BI specialists need to develop reports. They may also be responsible for training junior team members. To gain more information about what this job entails you can browse through the vacancies on Job Mail.

Requirements for a career in Business Intelligence

The requirements for this position are typically a relevant Bachelor’s Degree that relates to the area that you choose to specialise in. Suitable degrees include Information Management or Business Economics. Computer Science is a favourable degree to have if you want to start your career in this field. Management and superior communication skills are required .Prospective employees look for applicants who have an in-depth understanding of BI applications and the procedures that are related to designing BI systems. This career requires outstanding judgement, good business making skills and problem solving capabilities. Creativity is needed to come up with innovative solutions to a company’s BI needs.

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If you want to find Business Intelligence jobs the first step is to get your degree. You can also engage in skills building opportunities which develop your leadership and communication capabilities. Once you have graduated you will need to apply for junior level positions to gain experience in the industry before you start looking for more senior positions.

There are many factors which add to the appeal of Business Intelligence jobs. The high demand for professionals in this field is one of the factors that make this a lucrative career. This role is not industry specific so you can find a position in a sector which interests you. The healthcare industry is one sector that requires these services. Business Analyst positions come with a high paycheck and it is one of the most lucrative positions in the science and technology fields.

Business Intelligence Jobs listed on Job Mail

Here is an exciting position which is currently available on Job Mail. If you would like to see more positions in this field browse or get notified of new positions by setting up Alerts.

IT Lecturer

A full-time position is available for an IT Lecturer. The monthly remuneration for this position is R10 000 to R 20 000. The vacancy is situated on the Belgium Campus in Heatherdale. Suitable applicants will have a Bachelors degree as well as relevant work experience. Previous experience should be in Programming (C# or Java), Database (SOL Server or Oracle) or Business Intelligence. If you have a passion for teaching you can play an important role in educating the future generation of IT specialists.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Now that you know more about Business Intelligence jobs you can start acquirin
g the relevant training to have a successful start to your career. Once you have graduated you can browse Job Mail to find suitable positions. Already have a Business Intelligence qualification? Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for exciting positions today!

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