The best jobs for Matriculants in South Africa

Whether you simply cannot afford to study, or have to work while studying, today Job Mail takes a closer look at some of the jobs for Matriculants that will help you get a foot in the door and earn an income.


You can find quite a number of opportunities if you are looking for jobs for Matriculants with no experience. Industries in which you can find employment ranges from Sales and Marketing, to Finance and basic Administration duties. Note that there are opportunities that offer training, internships and even part time jobs that can start you off on a stunning long-term career.

Office Matriculant Jobs

Office jobs are a great way to kick-start a career. Enabling you to build yourself up and achieve great heights, general office jobs can range to include everything from general administrative tasks like filing to answering phones.

Receptionist positions are a great way to start. Entailing various tasks, a receptionist is the ‘first impression’ of a company – you will be the welcoming face that meet visitors, making professionalism vital. Your tasks here will range to include everything from answering phones taking minutes at a meeting, to typing documents and fulfilling basic administrative duties (like filing). Do note that your tasks will vary depending on the company you are working for.


Receptionist jobs can also be a stepping stone to other positions in a company, like Secretary and Personal Assistant positions.

General Office Clerk vacancies are also make fabulous Matriculants jobs. Also sometimes referred to as Girl Friday positions, in many cases these professionals are seen as the ‘support staff’. General Office Clerks are involved in a wide range of duties including documentation (typing, formatting and editing), sorting incoming and outgoing mail, answering phones, preparing agendas for meetings and even arranging meetings and appointments.


Typing jobs are another great way to start a flourishing office job. There are a wide range of office based jobs that will require mad typing skills. Word Processors (also known as just a typist) are responsible for everything from typing out handwritten notes and memos, to typing out reports. Learn more about typing jobs by reading our post titled Fun and exciting Typist Jobs in South Africa.

Data Capturing is another example of jobs for Matriculants. Requiring good typing skills, you will be tasked with entering data in computers and specific programmes for both use and storage. You will work with databases (exporting and importing information) and will have to check data for accuracy as well. Paying attention to the finer details and being well organised are only some of the important characteristics of data capturers.


Some the essential skills and characteristics needed for entry level office jobs includes computer literacy, typing skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, organisational skills and the ability to multitask.

Matric subjects that might help you get the job includes your Languages and subjects like Business Studies, Economics, Information Technology and Accounting. If you are going into the Tourism industry, subjects like Hospitality or Tourism Studies will also help you.

Office Matriculants Jobs on Job Mail

A Data Clerk is needed for a position in Fourways. Entailing Admin and Data Capturing duties, this position requires a Matric qualification.


Data Capturers with fast typing skills are required for vacancies in Sandton.


Filing Clerks are needed for full time positions in Pretoria.


There are also a number of Girl Friday positions listed on Job Mail. This employer is looking for people between the ages 18 and 25.


Retail, Sales and Marketing Jobs

If sales and marketing is your thing, becoming a Sales Rep might be the right move for you. With some companies offering on-the-job training these positions make great jobs for Matriculants with no experience.

Sales Representatives (or Reps) are mainly tasked with selling a specific company’s services or products. An intimate knowledge of your product is essential. Coupled with good communication skills, a creative flair and an unstoppable ambition for success, Sales Reps are high energy individuals that are driven by sales targets.


Call Centre jobs are another great way to get into the Sales and Marketing industry. Allowing you to build yourself up, call centre jobs in sales entail selling goods and services to customers over the phone. You will have to have good communication skills, be well organised and driven. With companies offering on-the-job training, becoming a Call Centre Agent is another stunning Matriculant job that can grow into an awesome career.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the Retail industry, there are a number of Matriculant jobs that require no experience and will enable you to climb the ladder of success.

Though they are entry level positions, starting as Cashier can help you build a successful career in Retail. Entailing various duties, such as receiving payments, working POS (Point of Sales) systems and balancing your till at the end of a day, Cashiers are the ‘faces’ of the store, friendly and have a keen eye for detail.


When you do decide to pursue a Retail job, make sure that it is in the industry you have a passion for. If you love fashion, look for Cashier positions at clothing stores. If you are a DIY enthusiast, opt for positions in the Hardware sectors.

Other great jobs for Matriculants include Brand Ambassador positions, Shelf Packing jobs, Retail Sales positions, Shop Assistant jobs and Store Demonstrators.


Retail, Sales and Marketing Matriculant Jobs

A position for a Brand Ambassador is available in Johannesburg. Seeking candidates between the ages of 18 and 27, this full time position offers training and does not require previous experience.


If you are interested in pursuing a Sales and Marketing career within the Health industry, this position is ideal. Offering training and open to school leavers, this position is a great example of the type of jobs for Matriculants with no experience.


If you would like to learn more about the different options available to entry level candidates, read our Entry level jobs that don’t require a Degree post on the Job Mail blog.

Depending on the industry you are interested in, Matric subjects that might help you land a job include Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, to name but a few examples.

Internships and Part Time Jobs

While you will find Internships that do not pay, some companies do offer Internship Programmes that do offer a salary. Do note however that this salary is small, but the upside is that you will be able to gain invaluable experience.


Internships are available in a large number of industries – from Finance to Marketing.

If you are looking to gain invaluable experience in Payroll and Recruitment, this Part Time position based in Randburg might be ideal job for you. A qualification is not required, but if you are currently studying towards a qualification within this field, it could count in your favour.


Interested in an Internship in Sales? This Direct Marketing company based in Germiston is offering an Internship to inexperienced individuals with a passion for sale. A full time position, you will receive training.


Part Time Jobs are another great way to earn an income while studying. Within this sector of the Job Market, there are a number of Matriculants jobs that are great.

Promotor jobs are great for Matriculants looking for part time employment. Great for the first time job seeker, these positions, simply put, entail the promotion of a certain product or service. Promoters can be seen in a number of places ranging from retail outlets (promoting a new product to the consumer) to bars (showcasing a new drink for example).


Tutoring jobs and Au Pair positions are also great part time jobs that can help you earn some extra money. If you excelled at certain subjects (like Mathematics or Physical Sciences for example), it can help you land the job.

If you would like to find employment as a Promoter, this company based in Vereeniging is looking for 12 ladies aged between 18 and 30. Requiring a Matric qualification, you must be willing to learn and gain experience.


This vacancy for Promoters are great for Matriculants looking for part time employment. Based in Johannesburg, your work hours are flexible.


If you are interested in Tutoring jobs, this company based in the Kloof is looking for new candidates to make up their tutoring team.


Offering R 6 000.00 per month, this Au Pair position is based in Kyalami from 13:00 to 18:00.


Other part time jobs that can help you earn extra money includes bartending and waiter positions.

If you are interested in these fields, some of the Matric subjects that can help you land a job includes Mathematics and Languages.

For Matriculants who attended a Technical High School, internship and apprenticeship programmes are a great way to kick start your career. With subjects like Civil Technology, Mechanical Technology and Electrical Technology, you also have the opportunity to pursue exciting opportunities.


Ready to kick-start your career? Job Mail features a wide range of jobs for Matriculants. Whether you are looking for a part time position or interested in building a successful career, there are a number of great jobs for Matriculants with no experience. What are you waiting for? Register your CV on Job Mail today and start applying for awesome opportunities.

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