Taking on the role of a Hotel Manager

Hotel management jobs require a lot of work and dedication. Though it is a tough job, it is also a rewarding career option in a number of ways. If you are on the lookout for exciting hospitality management jobs on Job Mail, be sure to register your CV and start browsing today.

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Anyone who knows anything about hospitality careers will tell you that these could be stressful careers; that require an individual who is capable of working under some stress. In this space you are always on your feet and always dealing with customers. You will be expected to do numerous things depending on where you work and on how busy the particular day is.

Taking on the role of a hotel manager as exciting, tough and rewarding. As you scale up the size of the hotel your tasks become more and more challenging especially if your hotel has a lot of staff working in different departments.

What is a Hotel Manager?

A hotel manager is the person in charge of ensuring that a hotel operates efficiently by managing the day to day operations of the hotel. Tasks involve supervising all hotel staff to make sure that they are performing their duties as expected; making sure that the hotel’s finances and budgets are in order.

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Working in hospitality management also entails making sure that all the people staying in the hotel are well taken care off and leave with no complaints. Since this is a managerial position it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some of these include; managing the promotion and marketing of the hotel, setting monthly, quarterly and yearly key performance indicator targets and making sure the hotel team is fully aware of these KPI targets and has the ability to meet them.

Managing the recruitment process of new staff also forms part of these types of hospitality careers. This includes making sure the new staff are trained, ensuring that hotel security operates in an effective manner and that all events and conferences within the hotel’s premises run smoothly.

Hotel management jobs also require you to perform other compliance duties such as making sure that your hotel is in compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and any other applicable regulations.

How to become a Hotel Manager

In terms of qualifications and hotel management courses, getting a management job in hospitality often requires one to have a bachelor’s degree in business management or hospitality management.

Alternatively, if you do not have a bachelor’s degree you could get a diploma in hospitality or complete a relevant and accredited hotel management course in order to build up your CV to be considered for a hotel management position.

However, some hotels are willing to hire hotel managers who just have their matric. In such instances you will be expected to compensate for not having a degree by having a lot of experience in the hospitality field.

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You will, as a hotel manager, be expected to have some proficiency in accounting, hotel administration, marketing and PR, housekeeping, food service management, hotel maintenance.

What skills do you need to succeed as a Hotel Manager?

If you want to excel in a hotel management jobs there are certain character traits that you will need to have in order to help you become a more effective hotel manager.

Firstly you will need to be good at motivating your staff and explaining things to them in a manner that is easily under¬standable. You will also need to be a great listener and have enough empathy to always put yourself in the position of the person you are talking to. This will help you become a better manager as you will understand different perspectives when resolving conflicts from either your customers or your employees.

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As a third character trait, you will need to be a decisive leader who is constantly looking for ways to improve their decision making process. Decisiveness saves time and the desire to constantly look for ways to improve ensures that you will always be getting better as a manager and as a decision maker.

Lastly, like in almost all types of hospitality careers, you will need to be a good team player. No manager is an island, you are part of a team and you must behave as such. In order to lead a truly great team you will have to be a good team player.

How much can you expect to earn

The average yearly hospitality management salary is R192 000 per year. This is a fairly decent salary. The added benefit to working in hotel management is that if you work for a big enough hotel you may find yourself on track to having an international career.

Qualified and ready to work yourself up? Find exciting and rewarding hospitality management jobs on Job Mail now!

Taking on the role of a Hotel Manager
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Taking on the role of a Hotel Manager
Hotel management jobs require a lot of work and dedication. Though it is a tough job, it is also a rewarding career option in a number of ways.
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