Taking a Closer Look at Auxiliary Nursing

Today, the Job Mail team explores nursing jobs, taking a closer look at what exactly Auxiliary nursing is. Auxiliary nursing jobs are open to both men and women, one of the advantages of a career in nursing being that nurses are in demand in South Africa. Take a look at our blog to find out more.


What is auxiliary nursing?

The primary responsibility associated with auxiliary nurse jobs entail the general care for patients. Their work is overseen by a registered nurse. Their duties are less specialised than those associated with registered nursing jobs.

Auxiliary nursing involves caring for sick and weak patients. They help the nurses and doctors to fulfil their responsibilities. They perform tasks to ensure that patients are kept comfortable and relaxed.

Other duties that are associated with this position include feeding patients and making beds. They collect data from patients such as their blood pressure and temperature and are also involved in changing bandages and wound dressings. They also check their patients’ pulse and weight.

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Becoming an Auxiliary Nurse

To be a good auxiliary nurse you will need to be caring and kind. Large amounts of patience are required for this position. You will need to have a good understanding of people as well as a passion for helping others. Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to work with challenging patients are also important.


An interest in medicine is required, with these types of nursing jobs found in medical centres such as hospitals and clinics. Positions are also available at retirement villages. You could choose to find employment as a home based carer. Auxiliary nursing jobs often involve irregular hours and you may be required to work night shifts.

If you think that you have what it takes to become an Auxiliary Nurse, the next step is to get the right training. Do note that, should you want to work as a professional within the field of nursing, you will need to register with the South African Nursing Council. You can complete a higher certificate in auxiliary nursing. This qualification will give you basic nursing knowledge and it is an entry point into a National Nursing Diploma. The minimum requirement for entrance into the higher certificate training is matric with good scores in communication skills, mathematical literacy, computer literacy and life sciences.

Nurses vs Auxiliary Nurses

There is a clear distinction between a Nurse and an Auxiliary Nurse. Auxiliary nurses operate the supervision of registered nurses. While auxiliary nurses only perform basic medical procedures, such as taking a patient’s temperature, nurses are given more responsibility. Auxiliary nurses are junior level staff members while nurses can obtain more senior level positions.


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