Tailored advertising packages for effortless recruiting

Although placing job ads on our website is free, did you know that for a small subscription fee you can take advantage of our tailored advertising packages with even more benefits for effortless recruiting? Here is what we have to offer:

Combination and Online packages

  1. Combination and online packages are available to private recruiters as well as recruitment companies.
  2. Once an account has been activated, the client receives a user name and password with which to access their account online.
  3. A client can change their password at any time.
  4. Employers have the option of paying a subscription fee each month or the entire contract amount upfront.
  5. Discount of up to 35 % will be offered to clients who commit for a long period of time.
  6. Employers are able to place their online and print ads themselves.
  7. All ads selected for print will appear online if a client selects a combo package.
  8. Online ads appear online once the advert has been proofread, which is after about 20 min on a busy day.
  9. The maximum amount of characters allowed for an ad that goes to print is 500, including punctuation and spaces.
  10. The maximum amount of characters allowed for an online ad is 4500, this including punctuation and spaces.
  11. Employers are allowed a 3cm x 2cm company logo for you advert in print.
  12. The allowed size of an entire advert in print including the company logo and wording is 3cm x 5cm.

For more information and to sign up, send an email to: online@jobmail.co.za

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