Tackle the question: “What Are Your Weaknesses?” Part (1)

All humans have faults right? Come on admit it you are not perfect!

We all have one thing that we are not exactly experts in. That does not mean we should turn our weaknesses into a negative situation when in a job interview.

This article aims at turning your weaknesses into a positive conversation during a job interview. First thing is first. You will need to identify what are your weaknesses are? So get your paper and pen out and start writing 5 weaknesses/ adjectives down. Once you have them all on paper now it is time to plan your attack.

If you have had a job interview recently, you will know that the question about your weaknesses is likely to come up. The common advice is to pick a weakness that really isn’t one at all. This strategy can make you look a little full of yourself. We suggest you pick a weakness that really isn’t relevant to the job that you are applying for.
Here’s a good example: “Well, drawing really isn’t my thing. I however do appreciate art and graphical design but when it comes to drawing I leave that up to the experts. Of course, that’s also why I’m applying for this job in development. This job will leverage my coding and SEO strengths and steers clear of the design skills that I have yet to grow on.”

Using this method you get to be completely honest without really hurting your chances of getting the job. Nobody expects you to be perfect, especially with skills that you don’t need for the job. It’s even more amazing to hear how many people respond by describing themselves as “perfectionists.”

A quick glance at the current state of our world is enough to realise that there aren’t nearly as many perfectionists as people who claim to be. Even if it happens to be true in your case, do not, under any circumstances, describe yourself as a perfectionist – unless you are trying to turn the interviewer off completely.

This exercise will help you nail the weakness question.

If you can answer the below question and apply it to the weakness question then you are ready for any interview situation: Interviewer asks, “If someone who doesn’t know you well doesn’t like you. What are five adjectives he or she might use to describe you?” This question works for two primary reasons. First, it is a universal human phenomenon that there will always be people who don’t know us well and, for whatever reason, don’t particularly like us. Second, you can’t fake your way through this question. As it happens, people are often so caught off-guard by the question that they find themselves compelled to answer honestly.

The important factor is to be honest and true to your innate skill, ability and also your job needs. Remember; you can not work for a company if you don’t share their objectives for success and vision for the future. Tune in to Part 2 of this post; where we discuss implementing those adjectives that portray the weaknesses from which you can improve to offer your employer your best self.


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