Supply Chain Management: Choose a career in Logistics and Service

Do you have excellent organisational skills? Are you good at problem solving? Then consider a career in Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management jobs offer rewarding career opportunities. From entry level positions to highly paid senior roles, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career in logistics and Supply Chain Management. Browse online, register your CV and apply for supply chain jobs on Job Mail.


What is Supply Chain Management?

This job involves overseeing a network of products and services. Part of the process involves the transportation and storage of products from where they are manufactured to where they are consumed. The duties that are associated with this position include designing and planning supply chain networks. Once the plans are implemented, the manager is responsible for controlling and monitoring the related activities. It is important that supply and demand are balanced to achieve the goal of maximising profits. Other tasks that are associated with this position include checking that stores have sufficient stock, tracking products and managing shipments arrivals.

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Supply Chain Management incorporates logistics as well as procurement and IT. It also draws on operations management. Managers strive to increase the performance of businesses as well as the overall performance of the supply chain. As part of the process it is important to create an efficient system which reduces costs and delivers an affordable product to customers. Software is used to maximise the efficiency of the system and to control relevant processes.

What does logistics and Supply Chain Management involve?

Supply Chain Managers are important as they help companies to participate in the global market. They enable companies to be a part of the networked economy. Developments in the business environment as well as technological advancements have added to the growth of supply chain networks.


Supply Chain Managers are required to work in big teams and liaise with other employees such as warehouse staff. Employment conditions include 8am to 5pm working hours during the week with some overtime. The supply chain manager usually works in an office which is located in the distribution warehouse.

The advantage of this career is that it is both interesting and dynamic. It covers a wide range of tasks which means that you will learn a variety of skills that you can use in other jobs. Liaising with a range of companies and manufacturers contributes to the diversity of this position.


The disadvantage of becoming a supply chain manager is that it is a busy industry which often requires the manager to be on-call in case of an emergency. Supply chain positions offer a fast paced working environment.

Employment Opportunities

Supply Chain Events Management offers another employment opportunity in this field. A core duty of this position is determining what events could disturb the supply chain. Employees in this position evaluate the factors which could disrupt the chain and develop solutions to potential problematic scenarios.


Entry level positions in this field include clerk roles. The career path for supply chain positions includes supervisor and management positions. Once you are at a management level you will need to oversee a team of staff and keep the team members motivated. Senior positions come with the responsibility of reaching targets as well as hiring and training new employees. If you work hard and gain experience in the industry, you may be eligible for senior positions. Top level positions include senior planner and consultant jobs.

To be a successful supply chain manager you will need to have excellent leadership, planning and organizational skills. Knowledge of geography is also pertinent for this position. Writing, communication and computer capabilities are essential.


If you want to obtain a senior position in the supply chain it is advisable to complete tertiary education which covers subjects such as logistics, international transport and Supply Chain Management. To become a supply chain manager you can study a BCom program which offers Logistics management subjects. Another option is to complete a BSc (Agric) with a major in logistics management. Mathematics is crucial for these degrees. You can obtain a NQF 05 in Freight and Logistics from the SA Maritime School. The University of Johannesburg also offers Diplomas in logistics. You can study relevant qualifications at UNISA or Metro Minds.

You can find Supply Chain Management jobs on Job Mail. Here is an overview of some of the vacancies which are currently available.

Supply Chain Manager

This full-time position offers a remuneration of R 620000 to R 720000 per annum. Eligible candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and a post graduate qualification is preferable. A minimum of five years of experience is required for this position with an emphasis on procurement management.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Remuneration for this full-time position in the logistics industry is R6000 – R8000 per month. A degree or diploma in logistics is required for this position. Supply Chain Management qualifications are also suitable for this job. A valid driver’s licence and vehicle are required for this position.


Interested in finding Supply Chain Management jobs? Register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying for positions in your area today.

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