Start a profitable career as a Business Analyst

Business analyst jobs offer a profitable career that is both versatile and interesting. In the fast paced modern environment and fluctuating economy, Business Analysts play an important role within companies. Job seekers can search jobs online to find a position that is suited to their capabilities.

Responsibilities of a Business Analyst:


A Business Analyst reviews a company’s operations in order to devise a strategy that enables staff members to effectively meet company goals. A Business Analyst is responsible for liaising with stakeholders in order to determine what steps need to be taken to fulfil the company’s objectives. Once they have formulated a strategy they write clear and concise reports that detail the steps which need to be taken. The strategy is then presented to the stakeholders so that they can approve it. A Business Analyst is instrumental in resolving problems for the company. The position requires the employee to increase the company’s productivity and help the business to stay competitive. They gather, assess and analyse data in order to give the company valuable advice. Strategies may include minimising costs, maximising performance or boosting sales. They may also research competitors in order to compare strategies.


Business analyst jobs offer employees a versatile career and it is possible to find employment in an industry that suits each candidate’s interests and skills. Jobs can be found in a variety of small or large businesses in a range of industries. Duties vary according to the industry and the specific requirements of the company. Some positions require industry specific knowledge. Business Analysts may be involved in project management, logistics and upholding project regulations. They can specialise in different sectors such as IT and this position may entail working with software systems and writing code.


Applicants for this position need to have extensive knowledge of how businesses operate. It is an advantage to have specialised skills or advanced qualifications when applying for this position. Diplomas, certificates and degrees are available in South Africa for people who are considering a career as a business analyst. Qualifications in a specific industry such as degrees in accounting, commerce or science are also beneficial.

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