Spray painting jobs in the automotive and panel beating industries

If you have a matric certificate and the right skills, spray painting may be an excellent career option for you. With employment available across a range of sectors, you can choose a position which best suits your capabilities. It is however advisable to complete additional training if you want to become a painter. You can browse Job Mail, register your CV and apply for spray painting jobs. If you are not sure whether this is the right career for you here is an overview of what painting jobs entail.


Industrial Spray Painter

Spray painters can find employment in the industrial industry. Their core duty is to spray manufactured products with a protective coating. Other tasks that they can expect to perform include preparing surfaces and combining chemicals. Once the product has been sprayed they may need to move it to a drying area and wipe it down before the next coat is applied. It is also important that painters clean their equipment thoroughly. Typically employees in this position work in busy factories. Spray painters are required to wear protective clothing such as masks and goggles. To be successful in this position you will need to be hard-working. Spray painting jobs require physical stamina as it includes long hours of standing as well as bending.

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Automotive Spray Painter

Automotive Spray Painters work on the exterior of vehicles. They repaint the vehicle to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Spray Painters are often needed to work on cars which have been involved in accidents. Tasks that are associated with this position include liaising with clients and working in a team to complete the repair work. Vehicles that the spray painter may be required to work on could include cars and trucks. Before the painting begins it is necessary to clear the rust and dirt from the car. Any holes and dents should also be fixed first. Areas that need to be kept free from paint should be covered with tape. Once the vehicle has been prepared the painter must choose the right colours as well as picking a suitable type of paint. Sprayers as well as brushes are used to restore the body of the vehicle. It is important to ensure that the paint does not run.


Although tertiary education is not mandatory for spray painting positions additional training is offered to automotive spray painters. If you want to get ahead in your career make sure that you have the right skills. MerSETA is a SETA accredited training institute which aims to develop skill sets across a variety of sectors. They specialise in training in the Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Industry sectors include metal and Engineering, motor retail and component manufacturing, tyre manufacturing and the plastics industries. MerSETA has a caring ethos and aims to collaborate with colleges to offer a service that goes beyond what is expected.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a spray painter. According to PayScale the average salary for this position is R105,668 per annum. The remuneration for this position is influenced by the amount of experience that the employee has. The educational requirements for this position do not require long training periods. If you have a matric certificate and some training, then you are ready to start applying for positions.

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Spray Painting Jobs on Job Mail

Take a look at some of the vacancies that are currently on Job Mail.

Spray Painters

Vacancies are available for spray painters in Centurion. This full-time position has a monthly remuneration of R 6500 to R 8500. The successful candidate will work in the automotive industry. Applicants must have a minimum of two years of relevant experience. Spray painting, panel beating, flattening and polishing skills are required for this position. Suitable candidates will have colour mixing and matching capabilities. A MERSETA qualification or related training is beneficial when applying for this job and a driver’s licence is essential.


Auto Body Qualified Spray Painter

A full-time position is available in the automotive industry. The successful applicant will be based in Sedibeng. The minimum requirements for this position are five years of experience, a spray painter qualification as well as references. The ability to work under pressure and to pay attention to detail is essential for this job. The successful applicant will be offered a monthly remuneration of R 10 000 to R 15 000 plus benefits.


Now that you have an overview of what tasks you will be asked to complete as a spray painter, you can browse online for positions. Having insight into this career will help you to find a job that matches your skill set.

Interested in a career as a painter? With a range of painting jobs listed on Job Mail, you are sure to find a position that fits. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for spray painting jobs today!

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