Spa jobs and opportunities in beauty

Working in a spa is a great experience. You get to see and communicate with a lot of people from all walks of life. Your work environment is generally filled with positivity, this alone will make you wake up in the morning excited to go to your spa job.

As you know a happy work environment makes for a stress free career. This is one of the careers available that can offer you stress free, positive work that you will certainly enjoy and grow from as a person.

one of the rooms at a spa

With a lot of spa jobs you can expect to earn most of your income from commissions and tips from happy clients. Tips in this industry generally range from 10% to 20%. The nature of the job means that you will be more likely to receive tips from clients. A spa is a place people go to in order to relax their bodies and minds. The more relaxed a client feels the larger your potential tip.

Working at a spa you can expect to meet a lot of clients, you will have to be a good communicator. This will help you retain more clients and grow your income base. There are different types of spa jobs and we will look at a few interesting spa jobs that you may want to venture into.

Makeup Artist

Being a Makeup Artist is one of the most exciting things you can do if you are into beauty. Luckily, these Beauty Therapist jobs are relatively plentiful so you will not have too much difficulty finding Makeup Artist jobs if it is genuinely something that you want to do.

As a Beauty Therapist you can expect to spend much of your day thinking about beauty trends and experimenting with how to make people look more beautiful. Your clients will love you. There are few things in life more important that feeling confident.

Your Beauty Therapist skills will leave people feeling more confident about themselves and being more willing to excel in life. You should not as a Makeup Artist underplay your value to society. While some may say beauty is superficial, beauty is the first thing people notice about other people and this is something people use to make snap judgments about people.

trusted make up artist

You, as a Beauty Therapist, have the power to shape perceptions and make or break your client’s reputation and confidence.

Makeup Artist jobs and Beauty Therapist jobs in general are very practical by nature. In order to excel in this space you will have to practice a lot. The more you practice the better you become and the higher your tips from satisfied clients.

In addition to this you can do yourself great service by educating yourself both formally and informally to improve your knowledge base as a Beauty Therapist. If you are interested in finding beauty jobs, sites like Job Mail have a lot of vacancies you may want to look into.


Another space you may want to get into is working in Somatology. A career in Somatology involves understanding the science of dealing with the human body in such a manner that allows you to treat a variety of skin and body conditions in a holistic manner.

At its core this is a Skin Care Therapist job as you will use this understanding of the human body to use massage techniques such as reflexology, aromatherapy and manual lymph drainage to treat your customers.

As this is one of the technical beauty jobs there are diplomas offered in Somatology and health and skincare at a few institutions around South Africa. Pursuing these qualifications will help you get on the path to becoming a Skin Care Therapist.

somatologis treating a patient


Working in the Cosmetology space is another interesting option to consider if you are looking at working in beauty jobs. With Cosmetology you will be working on nails, skin and hair. Cosmetology jobs will require you to have an interest in personal appearance work such as shampooing, manicuring and being a makeup artist. The wide range of options available under Cosmetology jobs will allow you to find something you are interested in.

With Cosmetology you will have to be a very perceptive person who can understand what different people want and what appearance works best with different faces. This is a great career path for anyone with a keen interest in beauty and an eye for detail.

Each client you serve in this profession will need a personalised look and it is up to you as the Cosmetologist to make sure you give your clients the best look that suits their personality.

make up kit

The Spa Manager

Once you manage to get experience in one of the many spa jobs available in the market you may one day want to look into managing a full spa. Spa Manager jobs will offer you a unique challenge as you will suddenly find yourself with the leadership obligations that come with all Manager jobs and you will also have to manage a full spa and its operations to ensure that it runs in an efficient and profitable manner.

With these Manager jobs you will also be responsible for hiring and training new spa employees based on the requirements of your spa and your spa’s work culture.

Anyone who has ever worked in the service, beauty or retail industry will tell you that one of the most difficult things to deal with as a manager is keeping clients happy. Unfortunately managing a spa is not the exception. While a lot of clients will have genuine complaints and grievances, there will always be that one client who is never satisfied regardless of the services he or she receives.

therapist treating a client

You, as the Manager, will have to be patient and have enough people skills to deal with such clients in an effective manner without damaging the reputation of your spa and without demotivating your employees. This is no easy feat, but this will define whether or not you are a good Manager.

If this article interested you, you can find spa jobs on Job Mail. Register your CV and browse jobs in your area.

Spa jobs and opportunities in beauty
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Spa jobs and opportunities in beauty
Your work environment is generally filled with positivity, this alone will make you wake up in the morning excited to go to your spa job.
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