SA’s hottest hiring Marketing and Public Relations jobs

Creative and have excellent communication skills? Then a career in Public Relations or Marketing may be the perfect match for you. With the range of different Marketing jobs in South Africa, you have a variety of options to choose from. Public Relations jobs also offer numerous job opportunities across different sectors. You can browse Job Mail, register your CV and apply for PR jobs online.


If you are working in Public Relations, you will primarily be responsible for promoting the business that you are working for. You will use various methods to create publicity for the brand. Marketing involves creating a strong brand presence for the company that you are hired by. To get you started here is more information about some of the hottest PR and Marketing jobs in SA.

Public Relations Officer

As a PR Officer you can find employment in both large and small businesses. As most companies can benefit from publicity, you can find a job in a variety of industries. From managing well-known brands to creating a good public image for start-up companies, there are numerous different opportunities out there. Tasks include developing PR strategies, creating media relationships and writing press releases. You will also need to oversee the content of various forms of media for the business. This includes videos, social media and advertisements. Building and maintaining client relationships is a crucial part of this position. The advantages of working in Public Relations is that it offers variety. Depending on which company you are hired at there may be opportunities to attend parties and various events. As a PR Officer it’s not all glitz and glamour as this position may involve long working hours. PR can be a tough and demanding job with an emphasis on high performance. Typically people working in this industry will have tertiary qualifications as well as industry experience.


Market Researcher

A Market Researcher, forming part of marketing jobs in South Africa, is responsible for analysing trends in sales and products. They review the popularity of brands and services. The information that Market Researchers provide companies with can be used to increase the company’s popularity and profits. Market Researchers use questionnaires and focus groups to gather relevant data. Once they have collected information they analyse it to reach helpful conclusions that can be used to guide a company’s marketing strategy. They research areas such as pricing, packaging, usefulness of products as well as store layout. Tasks that are associated with this position include writing questionnaires’, analysing data and writing reports. Market Researchers can find employment in a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, retail and educational institutes. To become a Market Researcher you will need to complete a relevant qualification. Options include a NCV in Marketing, BTech in Marketing or a BCom Degree in marketing.


Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is a senior level position. As a Marketing Manager you will oversee the running of the marketing department. Marketing involves the promotion and sales of products. You could also be responsible for promoting services. The duties of a Marketing Manager include acquiring an in-depth knowledge of a company’s products as well as reviewing market research reports. They liaise with staff members in different departments to achieve the company’s marketing goals. Other tasks that are associated with this position include developing and implementing marketing strategies as well as motivating other team members. To become a Marketing Manager you will generally need a tertiary education in Marketing or a related field. As this is a senior level position you will first need to gain experience in the industry and develop your skills. Once you have proved your capabilities you can start applying for a more senior position within the marketing department.

Social Media Manager

Social Media is vital to the marketing strategy of companies. With the growth of technology and social media platforms, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to create a brand presence online. Social Media Marketing Managers are required to develop content strategies with the goal of creating brand awareness online. They are responsible for developing clear objectives, creating visual content, increasing the company’s fan base and encouraging customers to interact with the brand online. A Marketing degree is not required for this position however it can help you to find employment and excel in the industry if you have completed a tertiary education in a relevant subject.


Find Public Relations Jobs on Job Mail

To get you started take a look at some of the employment opportunities which are listed on Job Mail.

Public Relations Graduate

Public Relations Graduate positions are available in Cape Town. This is a full-time job with a monthly remuneration. Suitable candidates will have a qualification in Public Relations.


Social Media Contractor

A Social Media Contractor position is available on Job Mail. This contract position offers a monthly remuneration of R 10 000 to R 20 000. Suitable applicants will be highly motivated with relevant industry experience.


Ready to find an awesome job in Public Relations? Register your CV on Job Mail today and start applying for Public Relations jobs in your area now!

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