Some of the best jobs in the world

Whether you are deciding what to study or want to make a career change, you may be wondering what the best jobs in the world are. From analyst jobs and marketing positions to web developer jobs and civil engineering jobs and opportunities, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. Once you have decided what position you are looking for you can upload your CV and apply for vacancies on Job Mail. It is best to learn more about each career before you make your decision. The job that you choose will depend on your unique interests and capabilities. While your career is a personal decision there are some jobs that offer more career satisfaction than others. A fulfilling job is important if you want to create a good work life balance.

looking at some of the best jobs in the world

Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for your happiness and general wellbeing. Keep your stress levels from getting out of control by following our advice on how to maintain harmony in your life. While it can be tough to juggle all your responsibilities it is possible to get everything done with the right strategies in place. If you are spending all your time in an unsatisfying job there are many negative consequences.

Fatigue sets in which decreases your performance at work and affects your home life. High stress levels are also closely associated with health problems. If your work and personal life is out of balance you may miss out on important family events. It is difficult to maintain family relationships and friendships if you are spending too much time at work. By setting limits you can make the most of your time. Plan your time efficiently and review your day to ensure that you are not performing any unnecessary tasks.

having a work-life balance

Make lists to ensure that you are focused on the essential tasks that you need to get done every day. Highlight important events and fun activities to motivate you to get your work done faster. It is important to learn how to say no so that you don’t become overloaded with work. Although you can help out with the occasional favour, don’t let people pile extra responsibilities onto your schedule.

Technology blurs the lines between your personal and work life as it is easy to check on your work emails from any location. With the high connectivity that is pervasive in modern times, colleagues can contact you at any time. Make sure that you set time to disconnect from technology and relax. When it comes to maintaining a healthy balance it is vital to take care of yourself. If you are healthy and happy it is easier to face everyday challenges. Make sure you have a healthy diet and get enough sleep. Exercise as well as relaxing activities are also vital.

Now that you know how important it is to maintain a healthy work life balance take a look at the best jobs in the world, register your CV and apply.

Teaching Jobs

Teaching is one of the best jobs in the world. As a teacher you get to cultivate young minds and help children to develop into responsible young adults. If you choose to teach a subject that you are passionate about, you can share your enthusiasm with your students. With a wide range of options available within the sector, it is easy to find an area that interests you.

Art Teachers work with a broad range of age groups. In this role you will help your students to develop their skills in drawing, painting and design. Teaching drama is another fun option as you will be responsible for cultivating your student’s acting skills.

Early Childhood Development Practitioners play a crucial role in the formative years of children’s lives. The activities which children are exposed to during this time set the foundation for their education.

If you want to pursue teaching jobs you will need to decide what grade suits you best. Primary School Teachers can qualify for this position by completing a three year BEd in the Foundation Phase. To become a High School Teacher you will need a four year Bachelor of Education Degree specialising in the subject that you want to teach.

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Another option is to find employment as a Special Needs Teacher. If you are patient and caring, this may be the perfect job for you. Working with special needs children is highly satisfying as you will get to play an important role in the lives of children who are facing educational challenges.

If you want to explore the world becoming a TESOL Teacher is your gateway to opportunities. English is an international business language. The benefits of learning to speak English puts ESL Teachers in high demand. With a TEFL qualification or a University Degree you can find yourself teaching in China, Korea or Indonesia. Once you are experienced in the educational sector you can apply for other roles such as a Principal position.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Lucrative and interesting, Civil Engineering jobs have many advantages. If you are fascinated by large-scale construction then this just might be the career for you. As a Civil Engineer you will be involved in manufacturing and construction work.

jobs in civil engineering

Designing, planning and maintenance tasks make up the core of this position. Typically, they work on large scale projects such as bridges, airports and dams. You can choose to specialise in different areas such as Transportation, Geotechnical, Urban or Environmental projects.

To be successful as a Chemical Engineer you will need to be highly skilled. Excellent problem solving and logical thinking capabilities are required for this role. To qualify as a Civil Engineer you will need to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. The University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Pretoria all offer Civil Engineering courses.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing Assistant jobs are an entry point into the thrilling world of advertising. Marketing is one of the best jobs in the world as it gives you the opportunity to think outside of the box and use your creativity. While you may start as an assistant there are plenty of opportunities to work your way up to a more senior level position.

Brand Managers are hired by companies to oversee the sales and image of their products. They are responsible for overseeing marketing campaigns. A Marketing Researcher is responsible for analysing sales trends. They also review the popularity of different products. Their reports are used to increase the popularity of products which in turn results in higher profit margins.

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To enter the marketing industry you will need a Marketing Degree. Administrative positions, internships and Marketing Assistant jobs give you the perfect opportunity to launch your career. As technology has become an integral part of everyday life Digital Marketing jobs are more readily available. Digital Marketers are hired to design and implement online communication strategies. This can take the form of social media marketing, search engine optimisation, mobile marketing and pay per click campaigns.

If you want to work in sales, you could become an Auctioneer. As an Auctioneer you will be required to sell a variety of items at public sales. Typically, Auctioneers will choose an area to specialise in such as antiques, real estate or furniture.

Another important role in this sector is that of a Sales Manager. The core duty of this position is to oversee product sales. They also manage sales personnel to ensure that all the team members are completing their jobs efficiently. A Sales Representative goes out and sells a company’s products or services.

Social Media Jobs

Social Media jobs involve building virtual communities. Specialists in this role are required to attract the attention of network users by posting engaging content. The aim of a Social Media Marketer is to increase product sales through a variety of different strategies. Ultimately, their efforts are designed to increase the company’s profits. A relevant qualification such as a Marketing or Public Relations Degree is beneficial if you want to work in this field.

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Web Developer Jobs

Web Developers are employed by companies to create websites. Their tasks include design work as well as coding. Web Development is a great career because it allows you to combine creativity with technological skills. As most companies need a website there is a need for this type of work. Another bonus of this profession is that you can be self-employed and enjoy flexible work hours. Websites need to combine functionality without compromising the design of the website. It is also important that the website and its purpose are congruent. A BSc in Computer Science is beneficial if you want to work in this field.

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Analyst Jobs

A Business Analyst assesses the needs and challenges within a company. The benefit of working as a Business Analysis is that you will play a role in the success of different companies. The tough economic climate has resulted in an increased need for Business Analysts. This is an interesting position as you will need to combine your knowledge of business with IT solutions. Another advantage to finding employment in this position is that it offers a challenging work environment which will put your skills to the test.

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A Bachelors of Science Degree in Information Technology is a good start if you want to become a Business Analyst. You will also need to complete additional training if you want to excel at your job.

Choosing a job that is perfect for you

If you want to find one of the best jobs in the world, start by researching the different career opportunities that are available. Take a look at what characteristics prospective employers are looking for and make sure that you develop your capabilities in these areas.

different careers

Once you have the right skills you can start applying for positions. Finding a job that you are enthusiastic about makes it easier to maintain a good work-life balance. While your career is important, finding time to spend with your loved ones is essential too. Finding your dream job may take some time but if you don’t give up you could end up with a satisfying career.

Another way to get hired is to start out in an entry level job and work your way up. The company that you work for will play a vital role in your job satisfaction. It may be better to accept a lower level position in a company that treats its employers well and build up your career in a company where you are valued as an employee. With hard-work and commitment you find yourself in a senior role.

To get started, upload your CV and apply for positions on Job Mail. Featuring some of the best jobs in the world, you can apply for positions in various industries – from web developer and teaching jobs, to digital marketing and civil engineering jobs, you will find it on

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