Somatology: A career in the science of beauty and holistic healing

Are you passionate about holistic healing treatments? Do you enjoy helping people to look their best? Then a career in somatology might just be for you. Firstly find out what this career is all about and then you can decided whether it matches your interests and skills. Once you have qualified, you can register you CV, browse somatology jobs and apply on Job Mail.

What is Somatology?

Firstly let us answer the question, What is Somatology? Somatology is the study of the human body. It includes learning about the anatomy and physiology of humans. This field of study allows you to understand how the various body parts work in harmony with each other.

Subjects that are part of this professional field include pathology, biomechanics and movement. Somatology has a wide range of applications including physical therapy as well as health and wellness, like seen in beauty therapist jobs. This particular field of study falls under the category of holistic healing and it may include different techniques such as herbal medicine. Other healing techniques include massage as well as acupuncture.


The Daily Tasks and Responsibilities of a Somatologist

If you are thinking about studying somatology, it is helpful to understand what tasks a somatologist performs. Once you have an in-depth understanding of what somatologists are required to do, it is easier to decide if this is the right career for you.

Arriving at your workplace and preparing for treatments is an important part of somatology jobs. A Somatologist can be involved in various roles, which can include cosmetic sales and the application of make-up. Depending on where you work it could also include manicuring and pedicuring. Analysing a person’s skin and giving them advice according to their skin type is another duty that somatologists may be required to perform.

somatology jobs and related fields

Professionals may also be tasked with tinting eyebrows. They can remove unwanted body hair from their clients with temporary or permanent methods. This includes waxing or laser hair removal. Massaging and reflexology also fall under somatology.

As you can see there are a variety of positions to choose from and each treatment comes with its own set of tasks. The different options which fall under this field of study means that if you are interested in pursuing this career you can pick a specialisation that matches your interests and capabilities.

Salary and Career Opportunities for a Somatologist

When it comes to the earning potential of this profession there are plenty of opportunities to earn a good salary. Once you have experience in somatology you can even open up your own business. If you are running your own business, you will have the potential to earn a high salary.

Another option is to become the head therapist at a beauty salon or spa once you have studied and gained work experience. As a senior level employee you will earn a better salary as a head therapist than when you are just starting out. Another option is to apply for positions on ships which offer a good salary.

beauty therapy jobs

Beauty therapist jobs are available in beauty salons and spas. As previously mentioned you can also find employment on luxury cruise liners. Another option is to work as a lecturer so that you can play a role in training other somatologists.

Somatology jobs are also available in the cosmetics industry and once you are qualified you can apply for a position as a sales representative. Recruitment provides somatologists with another career opportunity. Gyms and pharmacies also hire these types of professionals.

Skills and Education Required for Somatology Jobs

What do you need to excel as a somatologist? Somatology jobs involve working with people, so good interpersonal skills are required. Good communication skills are needed to liaise with clients and to explain treatment procedures to them.

If you want to excel within the field of somatology, you will need to be self-motivated with an enthusiasm for professional development. As the beauty industry is continuously advancing, you will need to keep up with the latest trends. Understanding your client’s needs is an important part of somatology.

a skin treatment

Somatologist usually have good working conditions in the tranquil atmosphere of a spa or beauty salon. This position often requires irregular working hours as some clients prefer to have treatments outside of the regular 8 – 5 working hours.

Some employers have their staff on a rotation system so depending on where you work you may do shift work. If you own your own treatment centre, you will have plenty of flexibility in your working hours. Although long hours may be required when you are starting your own business if you put in the hard work you should be able to reach a stage where you have flexible working hours.

To qualify as a somatologist you will need to complete a three year course. The course will involve theory as well as a practical component. Typically, a grade 12 is required to enrol for a three year qualification. One option is to study at Potchefstroom Academy in South Africa.

jobs in somatology

Wherever you study somatology it is important to remember to check that the institution is recognised by the Department of Higher Education. Check that the institute has a registration number as South African law stipulates that educational institutes must be registered. This is a vital consideration as it is important to obtain a recognised qualification before you start applying for somatology or beauty therapist jobs. DUT has a somatology clinic which offers training in a variety of treatments.

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Somatology: A career in the science of beauty and holistic healing
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Somatology: A career in the science of beauty and holistic healing
Are you passionate about holistic healing treatments? Do you enjoy helping people to look their best? Then a career in somatology might just be for you.
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