So What is Job Mail All About?

We thought it was time we answered this question, as you might just be asking yourself the same thing.

Job Mail was founded in the late 1990s. Job Mail is a platform that provides South African employers and recruitment agencies with a medium to advertise their job vacancies to all South African job seekers. Just to clarify Job Mail is not a recruitment agency, but an advertising medium to link employers and Job Seekers together.

Job Mail enables Job Seekers (like you) with the option to upload their CVs onto our database for FREE . Once your CV is uploaded it is accessible by various employers and from the list of CV’s they receive you may just be contacted for a job interview or better yet you may just be hand-picked to be a part of their workforce.

In a country with an unemployment rate of more than 25% Job Mail has proven to be helpful to many Job Seekers and recruitment agencies in South Africa. Over 5,500 vacancies are published weekly in the Job Mail publication and added every week onto the Job Mail website. Job Seekers can also browse and search the Job Mail mobile site for positions but you have to be registered to the Job Mail website first in order for you to apply for positions using your mobile phone.

For all the employers that are registered to our database by paying a nominal fee these valued recruiters and managers are able to view all prospective candidates’ CV’s. Employers also have the option to advertise their vacancies for free (although terms and conditions do apply). Premium advertising options are also available for Employers to make sure that their posts are seen by all South Africa’s job seekers.

Job Mail advertises jobs in 21 different industry fields / sectors.

All these above fields / sectors have sub-categories so you can find the job that you are looking for:

  1. Insurance Jobs
  2. Finance/Accounting Jobs
  3. Administration Jobs
  4. Temp Jobs
  5. General
  6. Automotive
  7. Legal Jobs
  8. All Retail Regional Jobs
  9. FMCG
  10. Tourism
  11. Legal
  12. Medical
  13. Sales/Marketing
  14. IT  Jobs
  15. Engineering
  16. Construction
  17. Technical Jobs
  18. Logistics
  19. Professional
  20. Management Jobs
  21. Manufacturing
  22. International

Please see the links to the top five recruiters on Job Mail below. Please contact these recruiters to set-up interviews so they can assist you in finding your dream job.

  1. If you are looking for an Admin job please get hold of:
  2. For high level management jobs make sure you register with the following recruiter:
  3. For sales and marketing jobs please contact the leading recruiters: /
  4. If you are looking for an Engineering  job please contact: /
  5. All financial services applicants ensure you deal with this recruitment agency:

Job Mail occasionally has jobs on offer. If you would like to pursue a career at Junk Mail Publishing, please visit the below links:

  1. Canvassing
  2. Sales and Marketing positions
  3. Information Technology jobs

You might have reached this post via our Job Mail Facebook page. This is what our Job Mail Facebook page can do for you:

  1. You are able to meet people like you in the same situation – that are also looking for their dream job.
  2. It is a community where you can all share your ideas, share your experiences, ask questions and offer one another support until all our fans find that job.
  3. The Job Mail Facebook page also serves as a medium to provide useful and motivational information to all our Job Seeking fans.

The Job Mail Team asks that you all hold each other’s hands during this time and build each other up until the day you are hand selected to man your own workforce.

If you would like us to write a post on a specific topic that you think will help you and our readers please let us know by commenting on this blog post or emailing your topic to .

If you have any urgent questions regarding the site pertaining to job alerts, log-in issues or how to upload your CV we ask that you please email our Job Master at The Job Master will answer your queries and help kick start your job seeking journey.

If you need help in placing all your details into a CV template please read this post ( Unfortunately, we don’t design CV’s on your behalf. Your CV is your brand and you need to know how to market yourself to get you that job!

So what are you waiting for… build your brand today using Job Mail – the preferred Job Seekers portal.

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