Skills you need for Quality Control Jobs

Are you looking for Quality Control jobs on Job Mail? All you need to do is to enrol in Quality Control courses to launch your career in this industry. If you are reliable and organised, this may be the right position for you.

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What is Quality Control?

So, what is Quality Control? Quality Control positions are available across a range of industries. Professionals in this field can find employment in manufacturing as well as food production.

While duties vary from industry to industry, QC jobs typically involve the visual inspection of products. The manual testing of products is also part of the duties of professionals in this role.

Specialists in this field of manufacturing jobs work with inspection equipment. They are responsible for recording and interpreting the data that is relevant to quality assessments.

A look at the Quality Control Job Description

At the core of a Quality Control job description is the duty of testing products. Employees in this role are responsible for checking that the products are fit for purpose. They also test whether the product matches the manufacturer’s specifications. Another task that is associated with this position is keeping records of product defects.

Products which don’t perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications are sent back for repair. In some cases, QC specialists carry out controlled tests in a simulated situation. Most QC positions involve the use of instrumentation. Completed products may be weighed or measured.

In manufacturing jobs, QC specialists may be expected to check fluid levels and lubrication as well as assess product quality. Positions in the food industry involve sampling products. Employees in this role are required to work in a variety of locations. They may conduct inspections at a workstation or in a laboratory.

This position may require long hours of standing. Shift work is common for Quality Control specialists. Overtime is also a common requirement for these positions.

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10 Skills you need for Quality Control jobs

Do you have what it takes to succeed in QC jobs? Take a look at the list to find out what you need to make it as a QC specialist.

Computer literacy

If you want to work as a QC specialist, you will need to have basic computer literacy skills. Depending on the industry that you work in, collecting data and keeping records involve the use of computers.

Mathematical knowledge

A solid comprehension of mathematics is required for Quality Control jobs. Measuring and calibration, which are typical Quality Control tasks, require knowledge of maths. The calculation of specifications also makes this knowledge vital to the role.

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Physical health

QC jobs may require long hours of standing. A reasonable level of health and physical fitness is required to keep up with tasks and to lift heavy items.

Mechanical capabilities

To complete inspections, specialists in QC jobs use an array of tools and instruments which require technical know-how.

Quality Control courses

The educational requirements of this profession differ from industry to industry as well as individual positions. In some cases, a matric certificate is required and successful employees receive on-the-job training. Employers who produce complex products may require specialists who have completed Quality Control courses.


For a company to maintain their reputation, it is important that their products offer a consistent standard of quality. It is, therefore, important for QC specialists to be reliable and trustworthy. In complex manufacturing jobs, the ability to thoroughly complete tasks is vital.

Experience in the industry

Related work experience makes it easy to secure a position in this field. If you are just starting out, you can apply for junior level or assistant roles.

Interpersonal skills

Quality assurance specialists need interpersonal skills to liaise with stakeholders. The ability to work as part of a team is required.

Good judgement

QC jobs require good decision-making and problem-solving skills. While they will be checking that products meet the manufacturer’s specifications, good judgement is required to discern whether a product is up to scratch or not.

Organisational skills

In order to complete the responsibilities that are associated with QC jobs, organisational skills are required. The ability to plan is an essential part of completing tasks on-time.

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Skills you need for Quality Control Jobs
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Skills you need for Quality Control Jobs
Are you looking for Quality Control jobs on Job Mail? All you need to do is to enrol in Quality Control courses to launch your career in this industry.
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