Security Jobs: A big demand

The high crime rate in South Africa has created a variety of security jobs. From car guard positions to Cash in Transit jobs, you can find vacancies that match your skills. If you have an understanding of what each position entails, it is easier to pick a suitable security job.


Mall Security
Security guards may be employed by a shopping centre or by an individual retail outlet. Shops with expensive goods such as jewellery may choose to hire a security guard to offer extra protection for their shop. The core duty of a Mall Security Guard is to prevent theft in the shopping centre. The guard is also required to prevent vandalism. Each guard is assigned to a specific position in the mall or they are allocated an area to patrol. This position may be part-time or full-time. Security guards may be required to work weekends and during holidays. This position often requires extended working hours during busy shopping periods. Applicants for positions in shopping centres must be physically healthy and capable of spending long hours on their feet. The majority of security guards wear a uniform for work however there are some positions where casual clothes are worn.

Mall-Security-Job-Vacancies Mall-Security-Jobs

Car Guards
With the high rate of vehicle theft in South Africa there is a demand for car guards. Car guards are required to protect vehicles against theft and be on the lookout for any suspicious people in the area. Guards may protect vehicles in public parking lots near beaches or outside shops in the city centre. Positions are also available with shopping centres. Car guards are hired for private parties where people are hosting a function at their house and they require extra protection for their guest’s vehicles. Car guards usually rely on tips to earn an income. However, if a car guard is hired for a private function they usually receive a base salary as well as tips from the guests.


Cash in Transit Security
Security guards are hired to transport cash from one location to another. The money is transported in an armoured vehicle. The guards are required to protect the money against theft and deliver it safely to a specified destination. Guards may also be required to transport valuable items such as jewellery. Cash in Transit Security Guards must remain alert at all times when they are delivering money. They must be aware of potential threats around them to avoid being hijacked. Security guards in this position are armed and wear protective clothing such as a bullet proof vest.


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Residential Security Guards
Residential Security guards are hired to protect private property. They may be required to protect an individual home or an apartment building. Guards must protect the entrance to the property and they are often required to carry out patrols. The guard must know the layout of the property well and be aware of any points that thieves can gain access to the property. Guards should also familiarise themselves with the people who live on the property so that they are aware if there are any strangers who are trying to enter the property. Guards may be asked to record and monitor guests.


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