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SAFair jobs offer exciting career opportunities. From call centre jobs to logistics jobs, there are numerous opportunities available. With the company’s extensive experience in the aviation industry, there are plenty of advantages to working for SAFair. Depending on your qualifications and experience you may be eligible for cabin crew jobs. If you are looking for SAFair careers, browse the different job categories on Job Mail.


More about SAFair and the type of jobs available

Understanding more about SAFair can help you to decide whether you want to work for them. If you are applying for a vacancy at SAFair knowing more about the values that the company stands for can increase your chances of being hired.


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SAFair has 50 years of experience in the aviation industry. Their exceptional services make them the leading aviation company in Africa. Their excellent reputation is just one of the reasons people choose to work at SAFair. They offer specialised skills and resources to international clients. Their services include logistical support and airdrops. SAFair also provides training services, maintenance, leasing as well as freight and passenger operations.

FlySAFair began operations in 2014 with the aim of offering its customers affordable flights. The passenger airline thrives on innovation while upholding traditional values. SAFair is passionate about delivering an exceptional service to their clients. Finance jobs as well as travel agent jobs are available at SAFair.


Mechanical engineer jobs are offered to qualified professionals who can help to maintain the high standards that the company upholds. Other vacancies include data analyst jobs. Working for a company that strives for excellence can help to boost your career. Take a look at some of the SAFair jobs that are currently available.

Different types of career options at SAFair

ATR Crew

SAFair vacancies are available for ATR Rated crew. The contract will be based in Africa. Captain positions require 1500 PIC hours while First Officer roles require 1500 total hours. The primary responsibility of this position is to fly aircrafts on contract in Africa. Suitable applicants will be flexible, hard-working and accountable. This is a senior level position.


If you would like to learn more about becoming a Pilot in South Africa, don’t forget to visit our blog. Explore more about pursuing a career in Aviation and even discover everything you need to know about cabin crew jobs and becoming a Flight Attendant. Don’t forget to Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for Aviation jobs and related careers.

Quality Assurance Specialist

An employment opportunity is available for a Quality Assurance Specialist at SAFair. The main duty of this position is to establish, implement and maintain the quality assurance programme. The successful applicant will be responsible for training other team members. This position includes both domestic and international travel. The working conditions involve evening work. Applicants who have criminal records will not be accepted. Experience in Quality is beneficial and knowledge of SAFair’s aircraft is another requirement. Suitable applicants will be self-motivated with excellent problem-solving capabilities. Requirements for this position are grade 12 as well as a SACAA recognized AME or equivalent. Candidates must also have a qualification in Quality Management and Safety Management Systems Training. Completion of SACAA, CAR and CAT training is required. A minimum of five years of relevant experience is mandatory. A market related salary is being offered for this position.


This type of career is also available at a number of companies and industries. If this is a field of study you would like to pursue a career in, register your CV and start applying for Quality Assurance jobs on Job Mail.

Brand and Channel Manager

There is a vacancy for a Brand and Channel Manager at SAFair. The successful applicant will communicate with the VP: Sales and Distribution. The core duty of the Brand and Chanel Manager is to oversee the company’s digital marketing channels to ensure that they are generating sufficient sales. Their work involves advertising, research and PR. Another responsibility is to protect the image of the brand. Requirements for this position include matric and a marketing qualification. A Google Adwords certification is also essential. Digital Marketing experience is vital while traditional brand marketing experience is beneficial. Applicants must have an in-depth understanding of on-line marketing as well as superior reporting skills. Communication skills, leadership capabilities and strategic thinking are also important.


Marketing and sales form part of a wide selection of companies and industries, and are not limited to only SAFair careers. Keep in mind that many companies have a department dedicated to marketing and sales, each company offering its own set of advantages and opportunities for advancements, so browse through the available Sales and Marketing jobs currently listed on Job Mail.

Industrial Engineer

SAFair is looking for an Industrial Engineer. The Industrial Engineer will be supervised by the Director of Operations. Applicants must have an Industrial Engineering Degree as well as three years of relevant experience. Candidates must be able to work under pressure in a fast paced environment. They must have an in-depth understanding of usability, application and development. Comprehensive knowledge about database and system architecture is also vital. Suitable applicants will be professional and responsible. They will have strong analytical and strategic thinking capabilities. The Industrial Engineer will be responsible for combining both business and technical requirements. They identify business needs and develop programs in accordance with these requirements. They are required to conduct research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the target market. This is a permanent position.


If you would like to pursue a career in engineering, note that your opportunities are not limited only to companies like SAFair. You can find a number of engineering vacancies – from an Industrial Engineer to Mechanical Technician jobs – on Job Mail.

Other Career Options

Do note that SAFair jobs include a wide range of job titles and responsibilities. Like any other service-oriented company, you will find a variety of departments and career paths. Call Centre jobs are usually very common in service oriented companies – from SAFair to Telkom. If you would like to explore more about working in a call centre, browse through our amazing blog posts in our Call Centre Jobs tag.


Finance and logistics are also great examples of departments companies like SAFair cannot do without. If you are qualified in either of these fields, you can also apply for Finance jobs as well as Logistics Jobs at other companies.

If you have the required skills you can consider applying for SAFair jobs. A successful application will give you the opportunity to be part of the leading aviation company in Africa. Register your CV on and start pursuing career in a field that interests you.

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