Risk Management jobs: A Systematic Career Choice

If you are looking for a lucrative and rewarding career, consider Risk management jobs. When it comes to banking careers in South Africa, Risk Management offers a variety of suitable employment positions. You can look online for risk analyst jobs or send your CV to a recruitment agency. If you want to find out more about credit risk analysis and related careers, here is some useful information.

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What is Risk Management?

Risk management jobs involve reviewing a company’s operations in order to pinpoint potential risks. Once the risks have been determined, they are analysed and documented so that the necessary changes can be made. An important part of risk management is evaluating the company’s risk management processes to ensure that they are effective. Risk Managers work across various sectors of the company including the financial and technological departments. Risk Management is an important part of running a successful business as the business’s profits depend on effective risk management.

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What does a Risk Management job entail?

Risk Management Professionals are responsible for assessing key risk factors and applying effective strategies to reduce risks. The duties which are associated with this position include reviewing transactions as well as internal reports. The company’s financial documents are also reviewed by the Risk Manager in order to check for potential fraud risks. Employees in this position are required to write up reports which detail their findings and offer advice on steps that can be taken to reduce risks. Risk Managers create policies which are implemented in the company with the goal of minimising risks. Once the procedures have been implemented, they carry out evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the procedures. They are also responsible for training staff on the implementation of risk management procedures.


Why is Risk Management a great career choice?

In the current economic climate, Risk Management has become a crucial part of many companies, which has increased the demand for qualified professionals. As a Risk Manager you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you play a vital role in the success of a business. Efficient risk management supports the company’s leaders in making good decisions. Risk Managers are important because they help the company to increase their profits.

What types of Risk Management jobs are out there?

The title that accompanies a Risk Manager varies according to the company. This position may be referred to as a Credit Risk Analyst, Risk Manager or Control Supervisor. Risk Management Consultant and Chief Risk Officer are other titles which are associated with this position. Risk Management skills are also important for other professionals such as Project and Events Managers.

The type of risks that a Risk Manager is required to deal with depends on their position and job title. Some examples of potential risks include liabilities and health related risks. Risk may also refer to financial risks or natural disasters. Risk management jobs entail dealing with different areas of risks depending on the company they are working for and their area of expertise. Within financial institutes, there are different areas of risk. This includes market, operating and credit risks.

What career opportunities are available to those in Risk Management?

There are plenty of opportunities to progress in your career and climb the cooperate ladder as a Risk Manager. With the right qualifications and experience you can achieve a senior position in the company quickly. You can also choose to specialise in a specific area of Risk Management.

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What training do Risk Managers need?

To qualify for risk management jobs, you will need to complete a relevant degree such as a Bachelor’s degree in Risk Management or Finance. Degrees in Economics or Statistics are two other options. Typically, employees will require job applicants to have at least one to two years of experience in the industry. You can study Risk Management at College SA. Risk Management forms part of this institution’s management courses, and there are specialised courses available such as Security Risk Management are other suitable options.

What skills are required?

Risk Managers need knowledge of internal controls as well as corporate compliance. An understanding of risk management and assessment is also crucial as well as Information systems knowledge. A wide range of skills is needed to excel in this position. Risk Managers must have technical and computer skills. They need excellent problem solving skills and outstanding judgement. They must be self-motivated with the ability to effectively implement risk management processes.

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What type of remuneration can be expected?

The remuneration that Risk Managers receive varies according to the employer, the seniority of the position and the job title. Positions are available for Financial Operational Risk Managers with an annual income of R700, 000 to R900, 000. You can also find a Risk Control Officer position with a yearly remuneration of R350, 000 to R400, 000.

What Risk Management jobs are available on Job Mail?

You can find exciting employment opportunities on Job Mail in the Risk Management field.

Financial Operational Risk Manager

A position is available for a Financial Operational Risk Manager in a medium sized bank. The successful applicant will work as part of a team. Suitable candidates will have a Financial Accounting degree or a relevant qualification as well as an in-depth knowledge of internal control systems.


Debtors and Risk Consultant

Applicants for this position must have a matric certificate with four to five years of experience as a Senior Debtors Clerk or Bookkeeper. They must have excellent communication and computer literacy skills. To be eligible for this position, candidates need to be detail orientated, self-motivated and well organized. This position requires the ability to work under pressure and to mediate discussions. The successful candidate will be responsible for offering accounting support to staff members as well as liaising with the solutions team to resolve funding issues. Another core responsibility of this position is analysing both external and internal accounts.


Clinical Risk Strategist

A position is available for a Clinical Risk Strategist at a well-known pharmaceutical company. Applicants must have a BSc in Science and Chemistry as well as a Degree in Clinical Risk Management. A minimum of five years of relevant experience is required.


If you are looking for Banking careers in South Africa, consider looking for Risk Analyst jobs. With the right qualifications and experience, you can find suitable positions. Review the jobs online to determine which positions you are eligible for. Browsing through the information will enable you to see if you need additional training to increase your chances of being hired.

Interested in banking careers in South Africa? Register your CV on www.JobMail.co.za and start applying for risk management jobs in your area today.

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