How to resign the right way

So how should you resign? Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? I suppose that depends on what frame of mind you are in when resigning. Are you resigning because you have another job with a well-thought-out action plan or are you resigning out of emotion (warranted or not)?

If you are resigning out of emotion:

This time of year, people are tired, frustrated and tempers are ever near. This could be dangerous if you are in a workplace where you are unhappy in your job for whatever reasons. Be careful to resign in the heat of the moment or if you are in an emotional place. NOTE; You are burning your bridges and going back if plan B does not work out, is not an option.

In times like these people don’t think rationally and act without having a backup plan. Remember it’s tough in the job market and it won’t be so easy to find a new job just by snapping your fingers. There are people out there who are brilliant in what they do and still are jobless, there is always a reason: you are over qualified, you want too much money, etc.

Rather take a deep breath, walk away and start looking at your options. There are a lot of funny / epic ways people resigned on the internet and yes it seems “cool” or “epic” and it might feel good to give your boss the finger, but at what cost to your career? Remember, what happens in the boardroom does not stay in the boardroom, it goes online, and social and viral and, and, and…

Here are some creative ways people have resigned…..




COOL? Maybe in the beginning but what then?

SO WHAT, I DON’T CARE! Yes you might feel gratified in the beginning, but what then?

THEY DESERVE IT! Maybe but who has more to lose, you or them?

Once you have a plan of action and have a new job or plan B, here are some tips on how to resign that could keep those bridges intact.

  • Always work your notice period.
  • Resign in a professional manner face to face and follow it up with a resignation letter which states the date you resign, the notice period you will work and your last working day. Thank them for the opportunity afforded to you.
  • Don’t bad mouth the company / employer in that time, keep it professional, do what you have to do and leave with a clear conscious. Don’t leave an ammunition for them to bad mouth you afterwards.
  • In your notice period, work as if it was your first month in a new job, yes one tends to be more relaxed but don’t be.  By putting in the effort now, it could save your bacon at a later stage. A company won’t take someone back if they left in an undesirable way or left a bad taste in their mouths.

So, there you have it, some tips on how to and how not to resign. We hope this helps and wish you good luck, it’s never easy.

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