A reminder of the importance of networking whilst job hunting

NetworkingLove it or hate it, we live in a world driven by social interaction, whether it’s online on social network sites, on chat apps on our mobile phones, or even in real life situations.

In this technology driven age that we live in it has become essential to develop networking skills if you’re thinking of finding a new job.

Here are 8 reasons why networking is crucial if you want to be more employable:

  1. Networking helps you to find the right direction for your career.
  2. It gives you access to an unadvertised job market, more of the right roles and fit for your unique offer to potential employers.
  3. Networking with individuals gives you an opportunity to share information and learn to help you achieve your own goals and other people’s goals.
  4. It raises your profile in your field of expertise.
  5. Networking also deepens existing relationships.
  6. It builds genuine, trusting relationships with relevant people for mutual benefit.
  7. Networking increases your business and customer awareness.
  8. It enhances success in your current role.

Networking to find a job in this interconnected world could prove to be difficult for introverts and people who are not used to being socially active both online and in real life, but it doesn’t have to be.

Take it one step at a time and follow these 5 useful tips:

  1. Reach out to people you want to meet or talk to.  E-mail them or interact with them on Twitter. Reaching out to them beforehand will make it easier for you to talk to them when you eventually  meet them.
  2. Prepare in advance for a networking event.  Do research, read articles online and make sure that you know what is going on in your industry, even if you are meeting them for coffee or lunch in a restaurant.
  3. Set reasonable goals.  Your main goal might be to get hired by the person you are networking with, but it might not happen after your first meeting. Set reachable goals to ease your way into the networking process.
  4. Take a friend with you. If you’re feeling uncomfortable meeting up and networking with potential employers, take a friend with you to assist you in “breaking the ice”.
  5. Appreciate your inversion. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introverts are great listeners, very observant and awesome at cultivating close relationships with people. Also remember that networking is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle, it gets easier each time you do it.

Well, there you have it, a reminder of why networking is important when you’re job hunting and some helpful tips for introverts on how to do it. I trust that you find these tips useful. If you’ve got an opinion about this, feel free to comment on this article. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. Feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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