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Being a recruiter means you have one of the hardest jobs in the world. You are required to source the right people for the right positions. This is sometimes a daunting task, especially with Engineering jobs, where the right set of skills, experience and personality are crucial.

How do you determine which people are the best for a certain position?

This post will help you become a better recruiter, and assist you in finding the most capable employees for any Engineering job.

Your first challenge begins in the selection of CV’s. Of course it is impossible for you to filter through the 1000s of CVs that you receive every single day. Unfortunately, this means that not every CV gets attention. So what do you do?

Give yourself a minimum and maximum number of CVs to assess, either on a daily or weekly basis. Sort it according to Educational and Professional qualifications as well as Engineering specific skills.

This means that you will have a bundle for each group, Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering; and when employees are looking for a certain group of individuals with specific qualifications you are able to send them a group of people with the right experience for the job.

You can also make things easier for the jobseekers by ensuring that you interview them for jobs that will be nearer to their home address, or depending on their relocation status specified on their CV’s.

It is always better to think in the interest of the employer as well as the jobseeker, that is why you are the middle man in this situation. This ensures that jobseekers get a job and employers always get the best candidates for the job.

Job Mail offers you a paid service, whereby you can filter the CV’s you receive in terms of:

  1. Filtering questionnaires and,
  2. A registration wireframe on your website where a candidate has to complete necessary fields.

With this feature, you can then have the ability to sort your CV’s by each relevant field.

Interviewing candidates…

This section is relevant to both the employers as well as recruiters. This CV processing method should make it much simpler for you to get the right candidate, but CVs look so good and promising these days, how do you know which candidates to interview and which not to?

It is important to note that a hasty interview process only leads to choosing the wrong candidates for the job. The reality is, interviewing for an Engineering position should take time. If rushed, this means that you will only be led back to square one, which is looking for the right candidate all over. So save yourself a lot of time and frustration, by doing it right the first time.

Each phase of the interviewing process should have a purpose; find people who will suit the job requirements and please the employer. You can do telephonic interviews to determine whether someone is worth inviting for an interview. So that by the time you do the basic face to face interviews, you have less people to interview and you will get the chance to know the candidates’ personality, skills and strength.

Job Mail makes it easier for jobseekers and Engineering recruitment agencies to contact each other. Recruitment agencies can place free ads that will be accessible for Engineering jobseekers in South Africa.

For other jobs in South Africa be sure to visit/browse the Job Mail website for your ideal job.

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