Recruiter tips to help you find the perfect candidates

Looking for the perfect person to fill that great vacancy? Take a look at our recruiting tips for how to attract the right candidates for your vacancy. From writing a proper description to including details about your company, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your job ads. While filling vacancies can be challenging, it’s a lot easier when you are skilled at writing ads. If you’re hiring, you can find candidates for jobs on Job Mail. 

Start with a good title

Job candidates spend hours browsing through vacancies and, if you want to receive more applications, it’s important that yours stand out. A clear and concise title also reduces the number of incorrect applications that you receive. The title is the first part of your ad the job seeker will see. 

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Write a detailed description

An essential component of job ads is the description. Make sure that the job description is concise and easy to understand. Start with the most important aspects of the position and then continue to offer prospective candidates more details. If there is a unique skill that candidates need, start with that to reduce the number of incorrect applications. 

Include details about the company

An important part of filling vacancies with the right candidates involves finding people who are a good fit for your company. Not only do they need to have the experience and skills to complete tasks well, they also need to fit in with the company environment. To give candidates a better understanding of who they will be working for, include a short description of the company. 

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Include a proper list of requirements

Make sure that you are specific about what you are looking for in job candidates. This helps you to find candidates for jobs that have the right skills. Include a clear list of the skills that applicants need to have to perform the duties that are associated with the role you are advertising. You can include the essential requirements that applicants need as well additional qualities that are beneficial. 

Explain the benefits

Include the range of salary that you are offering to ensure that you get the right applicants. If the salary is high, make sure that you place this information in a prominent position to attract more candidates. Research shows that when you include the salary, it increases the quality of applicants.  If there are other perks of the job, such as on-site parking or beautiful office views, you can also include them. 

Ask for a cover letter

Include a request for a cover letter in your job description. When it comes to recruiting tips, this is an important one as it gives you insight into the character of the applicant. A cover letter helps you to assess their communication style as well as the level of education. 

Mention an opportunity for growth

Let job candidates know how this position will advance their career. Mention any opportunities for growth and skills development. Not only with this encourage people to apply, it will also attract candidates who are self-motivated and ambitious. 

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Put everything in the right order

Ordering the information correctly will increase the success of your job ads. Start by focusing on the title as well as the search result page. Then you can start the post off with a sentence or two that summarises the job. Next, use bullet points to list the main requirements of the position. After you have included the most important information, you can continue with a more detailed description. 

Add contact details

Don’t forget to let job candidates know how they can get hold of you. CVs and cover letters can be sent via email but you may also want to include a phone number. The benefit of talking to applicants over the phone is that you can get a better idea of whether they are suitable for the position or not.

Now that you’ve read our recruiting tips, you can find candidates for jobs online. With the right strategies in place, you are sure to find the perfect employee in no time.

Recruiter tips to help you find the perfect candidates
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Recruiter tips to help you find the perfect candidates
Looking for the perfect person to fill that great vacancy? Take a look at our recruiting tips for how to attract the right candidates.
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