Quantity Surveyor: A career in construction and estimation

Whether you’re deciding what you want to study after school or you’re looking to make a career change, becoming a quantity surveyor is a great choice. Listed as a scarce skill in South Africa, professionals to fill quantity surveyor jobs are in demand.

Employment Opportunities for a Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors can find employment in the construction industry. A quantity surveyor is responsible for estimating and monitoring the expenses which are incurred during construction. They monitor the expenditure during each stage of the construction from start to finish.

quantity surveyor jobs

Duties and Tasks Associated with Quantity Surveying

To gain an in-depth understanding of these types of construction jobs, let’s take a look at the duties that a quantity surveyor are required to perform.

Quantity surveying jobs involve a variety of tasks. Quantity surveyors calculate the costs of a construction project to determine whether the project is feasible or not. They work together as part of a team which is comprised of a range of professionals. Generally they work closely with architects as well as engineers. Their primary focus is on the cost of the construction project. They are tasked with preparing budgets before construction work commences as well as making adjustments to the budget during the building period.

Together with their team, quantity surveyors advise their clients about different aspects of the construction work. QS Jobs also involve monitoring the progress of construction work. Another duty is the preparation of tenders. Quantity surveyors are also expected to determine the final costs with the contractor. Another task that is associated with this position is evaluating buildings for insurance.

quantity surveying jobs

Professionals in this position fall under the regulation of the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession. Quantity surveyor jobs fall under four registration categories. Categories include Professional and Candidate Quantity Surveyor as well as Quantity Surveying technologist. A qualification is required for this career.

Training and Education Required for Quantity Surveying Jobs

In order to enrol for training, you will need to have a National Senior certificate. While university requirements may vary, typically the entrance requirements include Maths as well as Physical Science.

If you want to find QS jobs, you will need to complete a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying. Next you must complete a Bachelor of Honours in Quantity Surveying. If you want to become a registered professional, you will start out as a Candidate Quantity Surveyor. Once you have finished three years of practical experience you will need to pass an oral exam in order to become registered with the SACQSP.

quantity surveying and qs jobs

If you decide to pursue a career in this field, there are numerous universities in South Africa which offer this qualification. The University of Cape Town, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Pretoria offer a Bachelor of Science: Quantity Surveying. Other options include the University of the Free State and Witwaterstrand.

Characteristics of a Quantity Surveyor

These types of construction jobs and professions are suitable for people who are observant and methodical. Accuracy is also required for this position. To excel as a quantity surveyor you will need to have good mathematical capabilities and communication skills. This role is best suited to practical people who are detail orientated. Reliability is important for this position. A passion for architecture and construction is also beneficial.

Salary Associated with Quantity Surveyor Jobs

Different QS Jobs come with a different salary depending on the area that you are working in. Relevant work experience is a factor that contributes to higher salaries. Quantity surveyors with Contract Management and Valuation skills earn more. Project Management skills are also associated with higher salaries. The average annual salary for quantity surveyor jobs is R 246 530.

quantity surveyor jobs in construction

As quantity surveying is listed as a scarce skill in South Africa, this is a valuable career to pursue. The scarcity of quality professionals in this field makes it easier to find employment once you are qualified.

Quantity surveyors have good earning potential especially if they work their way up to senior level positions. With numerous universities in South Africa offering qualifications it is easy to find a place to study. If you are interested in construction jobs, why not consider a career in this field?

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Quantity Surveyor: A career in construction and estimation
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Quantity Surveyor: A career in construction and estimation
Whether you’re deciding what you want to study after school or you’re looking to make a career change, becoming a quantity surveyor is a great choice.
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