Quality Assurance jobs that you should apply for

Are you looking for quality assurance jobs? If you have good analytical and interpersonal skills, this may be the right career for you. From the manufacturing industry to pharmaceuticals, there are plenty of places to find QA Jobs. With the right qualifications and skills you can start working towards building your career.

What is Quality Assurance?

Firstly, let us answer the question, what is quality assurance? Quality assurance professionals are required to train other staff members with the aim of maximising efficiency. They play a vital role in the company by checking that products meet the company’s quality standards.

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To achieve this aim they plan and manage quality assurance programs. Another important part of this role involves developing and implementing quality control policies. Quality assurance professionals are also responsible for devising strategies to decrease waste with the aim of boosting the company’s profits.

Quality Assurance Job Description

Tasks that are associated with quality assurance jobs include writing process documents – professionals in this position are required to write and update these documents.

They are also responsible for training other staff members in these processes. Quality assurance professionals oversee a team of people who are tasked with assessing products at various stages of production. They are responsible for choosing quality inspection tools for the team to use. QA jobs also involves picking suitable software to optimise the quality inspection process.

The quality assurance job description of managers in this position includes devising plans to make quality a priority among staff members through training, awareness and awards programs. Quality assurance professionals also deal with suppliers. The quality of the materials sold by suppliers has an impact on the quality of the company’s products.

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Therefore employees in this role are required to liaise with suppliers to ensure that they have processes in place which uphold a satisfactory level of quality. Suppliers that consistently produce quality materials reduce inspection time and increase productivity.

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Working as a Quality Assurance Professional

Quality assurance professionals analyse statistical data with the aim of identifying quality issues. Once they have identified a problem they develop strategies to stop the problem from occurring. Product returns make up an important part of the statistical data which is reviewed. Ongoing quality assurance functions to improve products and reduce manufacturing expenses.

Quality assurance jobs are available at manufacturing and engineering companies. Automotive and textile companies also hire quality assurance managers. If you are looking for vacancies in this field, you can search for positions in pharmaceutical and processing companies. Other options include banks, universities and government departments.

According to PayScale, QA jobs come with an average annual income of R320 737. Qualifications and experience have an impact on the income on professionals in this field.

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Considering Quality Assurance Courses and Training

To start your career in quality assurance you will need a university degree or a diploma. While any tertiary education enables you to apply for quality assurance positions, studies in business and management are preferable.

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Other relevant quality assurance courses include food science, textile technology and process engineering. Physics and mathematics are also applicable. The qualification that you need will depend on the industry that you plan to work in as well as the specific company.

Postgraduate studies in a technical subject are required for some roles. Completing quality assurance courses is also beneficial.

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Personal Traits and Characteristic needed for QA Jobs

Do you have what it takes to succeed in quality assurance? You will need to be confident and have outstanding leadership skills to succeed in this role. Problem-solving and organisational skills are a requirement while communication, interpersonal and team working competency are also important.

Professionals in this role must have IT, numerical and analytical skills.

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Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

If you are looking to enter this career it is important to understand quality assurance vs quality control. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably to indicate the strategies companies use to maintain quality standards, these terms actually have different meanings. Quality assurance involves strategies and processes which ensure that quality products are produced. Quality control is carried out through conducting observations with the aim of maintaining quality standards.

Now that you know more about the roles and responsibilities of Quality Assurance professionals, you can decide if this is the right career path for you. If you are looking for quality assurance jobs, Job Mail is perfect! Browse through vacancies and start applying for your dream job today!

Quality Assurance jobs that you should apply for
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Quality Assurance jobs that you should apply for
Are you looking for quality assurance jobs? If you have good analytical and interpersonal skills, this may be the right career for you.
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