Psychology Jobs: Exploring a rewarding career in Psychology

Are you looking for psychology jobs? Careers in psychology offer exciting job opportunities. Psychologists play a vital role in our society. People may consult a psychologist for support so that they can reach their full potential.

Another reason to make an appointment is to get help with your relationships. While psychologists can offer support for day-to-day living they also play a crucial role in treating more severe life challenges.


People who suffer from depression, anxiety or phobias can benefit from seeing a psychologist. Psychologist jobs include clinical, sports and police force positions. Read our blog to find out more.

A Career in Clinical Psychology

Professionals active within these types of psychology careers play a vital role in people’s mental health. They use psychological assessments to diagnose and treat clients. Clinical psychologists can treat both adults and children but they may choose to specialise in one or the other.

Employment opportunities are available for qualified professionals in hospitals and clinics. Clinical Psychologists can also work independently by setting up a private practice.


Specialisations within this field include working with clients who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, personality disorders or depression. Eating disorders or addictions are other areas that these mental health professionals may choose to focus on.

These types of psychology jobs entail that you meet with clients and listen to their concerns. They design treatment plans, monitor each client’s progress and write reports.

To succeed in this career you will need to have superior listening and interpersonal skills. An in-depth understanding of people is required for this role. To qualify as a Clinical Psychologist you can complete a Bachelor Degree majoring in Psychology.


Next you will have to finish Psychology Honours and Masters. Before you are able to practice you will need to complete an internship, pass the national Examination of the Professional Board of Psychology and finish a year of community service.

The Job of a Sports Psychologist

A Sports Psychologist is responsible for helping athletes to improve their performance by looking at different psychological factors. They determine what the athletes’ psychological challenges are and support athletes in working through these difficulties. Those active within these types of psychology careers play a vital role in helping their clients to reach their goals.


These mental health professionals can work with athletes across different ages, sports and skills levels. They play a role in helping athletes to recover from injuries. With the help of these mental health professionals, sports players can improve their focus. They work alongside coaches and team members.

Employment opportunities are available from sporting teams. As a sports psychologist you can also work independently in private practice. Sports psychology jobs may involve extensive travel.

If you are passionate about sport and love working with people, then this may be the perfect profession for you. Other vital qualities include empathy and good listening skills.


You can complete a Bachelor of Sports Degree at the University of KZN, University of Johannesburg and the University of Stellenbosch. Once you have finished you will need to complete a 6 month internship and pass the National Examination of the Professional Board for Psychology.

A Career as a Police Psychologist

Police Psychology careers offer you the opportunity to support the people who are tasked with keeping our communities safe. When it comes to psychologist jobs working with the police can be a challenging and rewarding career opportunity.

Professionals in this position facilitate workshops and conduct trauma debriefing. They also offer individual counselling to members of the police force. Another responsibility that comes with this position is setting up team building activities.


Qualified psychologists can apply for positions in the police force. If you are selected for the job, it is likely that you will be required to complete additional in-house training.

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