Property Management: A career worth pursuing

If you have good communication skills, a passion for working with people and can turn a whirlwind of daily tasks and activities into an organised system, property management jobs might be the right choice for you. Property management, as you will learn on our blog today, not only entails single tasks, but a combination of various tasks and skills – from finance to advertising to rates – to deliver an all-inclusive management service.


What exactly is property management and what does it involve?

Described very broadly, property management entails the oversight, operation and control of property or real estate. This particular field within property ranges to include everything from screening tenants (in terms of credit and history), dealing with legal documentation and even maintenance.


The duties involved in property management jobs can include a number of things. As a property manager you will be involved in establishing the rental rates. Note that these rates are established by doing a proper survey of the areas surrounding the property. These rates are also determined in such a way as to cover all the costs of the property – like taxes for example – and still meeting your profit goals.

You will also be involved in attracting potential tenants and even making sure that all the legal documentation is in place. From setting rates to securing deposits and payments (taking action when they are not), property managers will also be involved in the maintenance of the property itself and resolving issues as soon as possible.


These issues can range from anything to inspecting vacant units to making repairs, to dealing with burst pipes and geysers. Security is also something dealt with by property managers and the companies they work for. Violations, rule enforcement and even upgrades will most likely be handled by these companies.

Ultimately, it is the property management companies who are responsible for dealing with all the issues of the property, and as a property manager, you will be involved in some or all of these aspects.

Do keep in mind, however, that these types of property jobs do not only include residential spaces, but industrial spaces, office buildings and other types of property as well. Taking into consideration the nature of the property, your duties might vary.

Skills, training and qualifications for property management jobs

In terms of skills, property management jobs require that you have good communication abilities as you will be working with people on a very regular basis – from potential tenants and current tenants, to workers and companies delivering services to the property itself (like insurance companies for example). Along with this, you will also need some insane negotiation skills – after all, you will be working with tenants, the surrounding community, service delivery companies and in some cases even upgrades that might require the services of construction companies.


Lastly, you should have a great love for customer services (at the end of the day, you will be delivering a service not only to the owner of the property, but the tenants as well) and have a flair and passion when it comes to organising tasks, duties and projects.

In South Africa, we are fortunate enough to have access to a number of reputable educational institutions. Below are some of the property management courses and study programmes in which the management of property is, or forms part, of your studies.

Continuing Education (CE) at the University of Pretoria (UP)

If you are interested in filling property management jobs, CE at UP offers a short course called Introduction to Property Management. Requiring that you have Grade 10 mathematics, this short course will equip you with the knowledge and principles applicable to the management of property. Walking away after successfully completing this course, you will have an understanding of a number of aspects in the management of property – from risk management and tenants, to maintenance and operating costs.

Within this course you will also receive an introduction into asset and facilities management, as well as marketing in terms of management services.


Opting to complete a National Diploma: Small Business Management at UNISA can put you on the right patch if you would like to pursue a career in managing properties. Though it is more aimed at training you to manage small to medium businesses, successfully completing this programme can help you if you want to move on and apply for the Baccalaureus Technologiae: Business Administration.


University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

The University of the Witwatersrand offers a BSc Property Studies programme. A four year programme, successfully completing it will enable you to pursue a successful career within the real estate and the property industry. From commercial law and business accounting, to property marketing and management, this degree programme also includes property economics, quantity surveying and planning as it relates to civil engineering.

The South Africa Property Owners Association (SOPA)

From a Property Management Programme to a certificate programme for a Commercial Property Practitioner, the South African Property Owner Association offers a range of intensive training programmes as well as programmes aimed at continued professional development held in partnership with a number of universities across South Africa.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in property and real estate management, other educational institutions that offer valuable property management courses and training range to include the College of People Management and Development (CPMD), that offers NQF programmes, and the University of Pretoria that offers various Real Estate related programmes.


Property management companies in South Africa

South Africa has a number of active property management companies, some of which you will recognise instantly. Pretor is company that offers services in regard to the management of property (both residential and commercial) as does Angor, which prides itself on being one of the largest property management agents in South Africa.


Broll offers services ranging from property and project management, to auctioneering, facility management, retail leasing and corporate real estate services. One of the other well known property management companies includes JHI (offering services that includes the management of property, facility management and brokerage services), and Pam Golding.

Property management vacancies on Job Mail

Job Mail features a range of property jobs that might prickle your interests. To help you get started with finding a great opportunity at property management companies, we wanted to highlight some of these vacancies:

Junior Property Administrator

If you are interested in finding a vacancy at one of the management companies in South Africa, this position might be for you. Based in Benoni, Johannesburg, this company is looking for a junior property administrator with solid communication skills as well as bookkeeping knowledge.


Property Administrator in Rosebank

A full time vacancy, this vacancy requires you to be involved in a number of tasks and duties including the handling of queries from tenants, invoicing, administration and the switchboard. You will also be working with the insurance claims and well as the hand over and taking on of buildings and properties.


Ready to start a wonderful career in property management? Register your CV on and start a fresh new job by applying for stunning property management jobs.

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