Preparing for your job as an Industrial Psychologist

If you have excellent communication skills and an interest in people, why not consider studying Industrial Psychology? Industrial Psychology jobs include working in private practice for individual clients as well as finding employment in large organizations. If you want to know more about working as an Industrial Psychologist, here is useful information about this position.

What is Industrial Psychology?

Industrial Psychologists are also referred to as Organizational Psychologists. Industrial Psychology jobs offer numerous exciting career options. The demand for qualified professionals who work in this field has also increased. They help to support the prosperity of a company by ensuring that the staff members are happy and healthy. Employees with a good quality of life help to create a strong infrastructure within the company. These types of psychology jobs entail using human behaviour theories to increase the efficiency of organizations.


An Industrial Psychologist is responsible for resolving interpersonal problems within the workplace. They are also tasked with conducting research which offers solutions to problems which relate to the company’s work force. They analyse the efficiency of the working environment as well as the leadership styles of the managers. They also view the way in which the company’s employees work. Industrial Psychologists are instrumental in determining a company’s policies. They also play a role in hiring and training new staff. Part of hiring and developing personnel includes reviewing job requirements and selected suitable psychological tests. Industrial psychologists must cultivate outstanding interview techniques and rating scales. Candidates are chosen according to their qualifications, skills, experience and personality type.

Other tasks that are associated with this position include job performance evaluations, analysing consumer behaviour and conducting consultant work. Industrial Psychologists help develop the company on both a personal and organizational level. They are also responsible for ensuring that each employee has a well thought out job description which contributes positively to their performance and motivation. Labour relations are also an important duty when it comes to Industrial Psychology. This influences the success of the organization as well as the prosperity of the wider economy. Ensuring that the work environment has an ergonomical layout is also an essential part of this position. Salaries are a huge outlay for companies and Industrial Psychologists must ensure that the salaries are satisfactory to both the employees and organization as a whole.

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The Pros and Cons of Industrial Psychology

The benefit of Industrial Psychology jobs are that it provides professionals with an interesting career. The tasks that you perform each day are varied which contributes to the appeal of the job. Another advantage to pursuing this career is that there are a wide range of Industrial Psychologist jobs across a range of sectors. It is also satisfying to help solve problems within an organisation. The job offers a respected position working for both large and small companies. The remuneration for this position is also good.

The disadvantages of pursuing this career is that you will face competition from other Industrial Psychologists. It also requires a long period of studying and training before you can qualify for this position. If staff members are slow to progress, this can be a frustrating aspect of the job.


Working as an Industrial Psychologist

Industrial Psychologists typically work in offices at the company that they are employed by. They can also open their own practice where they consult with numerous companies to offer support to their human resources team.

If you enjoy working with people, then becoming an Industrial Psychologist may be the right career for you. You will need to be able to balance what is best for staff members with what is best for the company as a whole. Another requirement for Industrial Psychology jobs is the ability to work with a broad range of personalities. This position is suitable for a trustworthy and mature person.


Studying towards a qualification

The first step to becoming an Industrial Psychologist is to obtain your National Senior Certificate which will make you eligible for a degree course. Although the minimum requirements and school subjects differ between various educational institutes, recommended subjects include Maths, Life Sciences and Geography. It is also advisable to study History and Economics if you plan to pursue this career. After school you will need to complete a degree and options include a BCom, BA or BSc. A range of South African Universities offer this degree. You could choose to study at UNISA, US or UFH. It is necessary to complete post-graduate studies once you have finished your degree. To be eligible for Industrial Psychologist jobs you will need a total of five years of studying as well as a twelve month internship. A Master’s Degree is required to register with the Health Professions Council.


Useful contacts in this industry include the Psychology Association of South Africa, Psychology Society of South Africa and the Health Professions Council.

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