Placing your free job advertisement on Job Mail

One of the great job classifieds in South Africa, Job Mail offers employers and recruiters the opportunity to take advantage of free advertising services, helping to find the ideal candidate for the job. Need a vacancy filled? Place your FREE job ad on Job Mail now!

Before we get started on how to place your FREE job advertisement on Job Mail in just two easy steps, we wanted to highlight six tips when advertising your vacancy.

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6 tips for placing the perfect job advertisement on Job Mail

Creating the perfect job ad on job search websites like Job Mail is easy. With our awesome tips, tricks and pointers, you will be placing the best ads like a pro in no time. Ready to get started? Here are our top 6 tips and rules of thumb to follow when advertising your job vacancy online:

1. Your job title

When creating your job title, be specific and to the point. If you are looking for a business intelligence specialist, this should be in your job ad’s title.

While you should be specific about the type of candidate you are looking for, your job title should not be long. Use keywords and job titles in your ad title.

choosing the right ad and job title

Instead of creating a title like ‘Looking for a Business Intelligence Specialist in Pretoria with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management’ INSTEAD make your title something like ‘Business Intelligence Specialist’ or ‘Senior Business Intelligence Specialist’ and rather put the additional requirements into your vacancy’s description.

There are multiple ways you can attract the right candidate using the least amount of words. Some job titles that can be used to indicate the level of professional you need:

  • Senior Copywriter
  • Junior Copywriter
  • Junior SEO Copywriter
  • Senior Copywriter and Content Developer

2. Job Industry and Sub-Industry

It is important to place your job advertisement in the best possible industry and sub-industry on Job Mail. This will help potential candidates find the available position so much easier.

Job Mail has a robust list of job industries as well as sub-industries. If, for example, you are looking for a Switchboard Operator, the best place to post your ad would be under the main industry ‘Administration/PA/Secretary’ and then under ‘Switchboard/Reception Jobs’.

selecting a job industry on job mail

Take full advantage of the free advertising services offered and familiarise yourself with the specific industries on Job Mail before placing your ad by checking out the Browse Jobs page on

3. Include the salary offered in your job ad

Free job posting sites like Job Mail allows you to include the salary on offer as well as the appointment type to your job ad. Including the salary on offer as well as the type of appointment, can help the right candidate explore your vacancy in more detail.

Remember, job classifieds should be aimed at attracting the most relevant applications, so the more detailed you are, the better for the job seeker and you.

4. Your job ad details

Job search websites have come a long way and so should you when describing the vacancy you have available. Your job ad details should be just that – detailed – so take full advantage of the free advertising services on offer from Job Mail.

finding the right candidates

Include as much information as possible without overwhelming or intimidating the job seeker. Start off with the job requirements. What skills and qualifications should the applicant have? Instead of writing long sentences, create a bullet point list.

Next, include some responsibilities into your job ad detail. What will the candidate be responsible for on a day-to-day basis? Will they head up a team or be a part of a well-established team?

What type of candidate are you looking for? What type of soft skills do they need to have?

Job seekers and the type of opportunities they are looking for differ. Highlighting what the job entails will convince a viable candidate to apply and skip the type of candidates that are looking for something completely different.

creating your job classifieds ads

Writing the description of your free job advertisement can be tricky, so keep these following tips in mind:

  • Create a description that is easy to read and interesting.
  • Stay away from terms like salesman and saleswoman. Rather use salesperson.
  • If you are looking for someone that can speak, read and write Afrikaans, be careful how you choose your words. Instead of saying ‘only Afrikaans speaking individuals need apply,’ rather say ‘Looking for a professional that speaks and writes both Afrikaans and English fluently’.
  • Do not put age restrictions on your advertised vacancies and try to steer clear of words like ‘mature’ and ‘young’ professionals. Remember that, the more ‘limits’ you put on the advertised vacancy, the smaller your group of applications. Though this might sound great if you get hundreds of applications a day, remember that someone that is 100% perfect for the position might not apply because he or she doesn’t feel they meet the requirements of ‘young’ or ‘mature’.
  • Don’t forget your call-to-action. You need to urge that perfect candidate to apply for the job.

Another important thing you can include in your vacancy’s description is the cut-off date for applications. This is a great tip no matter which job search websites you choose to advertise on.

TOP TIP: Though you should be specific, keep it simple and to the point. Steer clear of long sentences.

5. Include the Province, City and Suburb

Location, location, location.

When using job classifieds, remember that you want to find a candidate that lives in certain areas or is able to travel to a certain area. If your vacancy is in Cape Town, placing your free job ad in Pretoria will very likely not attract the right candidate.

add a location to your job advertisement

Should a potential candidate live in or be thinking of moving to Cape Town, he or she will look for jobs in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

Be as specific as you can be with the location of your vacancy. Job search websites like Job Mail allows you to add a province, city and suburb for your job ad. In completing this type of information, you can attract candidates that live in Hatfield, Pretoria, that are willing to travel to Sandton, Johannesburg.

TOP TIP: If your office is close to public transport points like the Gautrain Station for example, mention it in your job ad detail.

6. Giving the correct contact information

If you want applications and enquires to go to a specific email address or even a fax number, be sure to add those details to your free job advertisement. Make sure that the details are correct and that all the communication channels are working as they should.

How to place your FREE job ad on Job Mail

Job Mail is one of the most user friendly free job posting sites in South Africa. Giving you great options and exposure to job seekers, placing your free job on Job Mail is simple. To help you familiarise yourself with how to use the free advertising services on offer, we have come up with these two simple steps:

Step 1: Company Details

Before you enter all the specifics of the vacancy you want to advertise, we will ask you to complete some basic company details. You will need:

  • Company Name.
  • The contact person at the company.
  • Whether you are a recruiter or private company.
  • You company email address.
  • The province in which your company operates.

step 1: company details

Step 2: Your Job Ad Details

Here is where the fun begins! After completing step 1, you can complete the details of the vacancy you are advertising. The information we are going to ask you here:

  • Job title.
  • The industry and sub-industry of the job.
    You can familiarise yourself with the options offered by Job Mail by visiting our Browse Jobs page. Remember to choose the industry that best matches the vacancy.
  • Are you looking for a contract worker, part time or full time employee?
  • The salary on offer.
  • The job details.
  • Where the job is.

And submit! Done and dusted.

step 2: job ad details

Other awesome job classifieds services offered by Job Mail

Placing a free job ad on Job Mail is just that – FREE. Companies and recruiters can however choose to make use of Job Mail’s competitively priced optional Digital Marketing Products. Developing a range of effective products, employers and recruiters have access to great additional services to promote their free job ad and get even more exposure.

What is on offer from Job Mail?

1. Top Ad

Want your job advertisement to appear on the top of the page?

Job Mail’s Top Ad service allows your job ad to appear on the top of a page for up to four weeks depending on the package you choose.

job mail top ad

2. Social Media exposure

You can also opt for exposure on Job Mail’s social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus. Helping you to target passive candidates, your job ad will be shared on Job Mail’s social media platforms, helping your vacancy gain exposure.

job mail social media expsore

3. SMS Marketing

Want to target job seekers more actively with your job classifieds ads on Job Mail? Why not opt for Job Mail’s SMS package, helping you target job seekers on a device that is always with them – their mobile phones.

job mail sms marketing

4. Comprehensive recruitment solutions

It is no secret that Job Mail offers specialised packages for both employers and recruiters. Allowing you to create everything from a listing in Job Mail’s Companies Hiring Directory to choosing a package that suits your company’s needs best, Job Mail is one of the best job search websites with robust and comprehensive offerings.

recruitment solutions from job mail

To learn more about the available products for recruiters, employers and companies, check out the Job Mail Employer Offerings page.

Ready to take full advantage of amazing free job posting sites like Job Mail? Place your FREE job ad on Job Mail now! What do you have to lose?

Placing your free job advertisement on Job Mail
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Placing your free job advertisement on Job Mail
Before we get started on how to place your FREE job advertisement on Job Mail in just two easy steps, we wanted to highlight six tips when advertising your vacancy.
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