Pharmaceutical jobs and what they entail

Pharmaceutical jobs can be found in different settings such as hospitals, medical centres, clinics or private practice. The responsibilities of a pharmacist vary depending on where they work. This position requires employees to have good people skills, computer skills, scientific knowledge and attention to detail. They will need to be able to work as part of a team and may be required to manage other staff members such as assistants or interns.


Pharmacist jobs are an important part of the health care industry. One of the primary responsibilities of a pharmacist is to dispense medicine and, to ensure that this job is done accurately, it is important to review the client’s medical records. Dispensing medicine also involves counting tablets, filling bottles and giving the medication to clients.


Other activities include liaising with doctors to check prescriptions and to determine whether substitutes are permitted. This role entails educating clients on when and how to take medications. Clients should also be warned about any negative interactions that the medicine may have with alcohol or certain types of food. Pharmacists communicate with insurance companies in order to submit claims.

An important part of this job is helping patients to stay healthy by offering advice on vitamins and nutrition. Responsibilities include administrative work such as updating client files, ordering stock and writing reports. Pharmacists complete courses every year in order to keep updated on the latest products and information regarding laws, the side effects of medication and product recalls.


Pharmaceutical jobs are available to pharmacy assistants who offer a supporting role to the pharmacist. This position requires staff members to receive stock and pack the shelves with new products. Assistants are responsible for upholding health and safety standards as well as assisting with dispensing medicine under the supervision of the pharmacist. Other activities include ordering items that are needed in the shop, updating stock lists, printing labels and selling over the counter medicine. Responsibilities include answering the telephone and dealing with queries that are within their competencies.

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    Hallo, my name is Margaret. I want to know or to study a pharmacetical job but I don’t have maths and science. Can you please help me.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Check if you can do maths and science at a matric level at a college. You will require these two subjects if you want to work in this industry.

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