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If you have a love for details and numbers, a job in Payroll might be perfect for you. Because Payroll is present in almost every industry, Payroll jobs can be found in wide range of interesting fields. From Payroll Administrator jobs to positions as a Clerk within the Payroll Department, the world of Payroll is exciting, tough and, at the end of the day, provides a fulfilling career.


What exactly is Payroll?

Payroll is, simply put, the total a business has to pay its employees for a specific time period. Take your paycheque and slip for example. The total amount the company pays you minus the amount paid to SARS (and other deductions including medical aid etc.) – this is all calculated and handled by Payroll.

More specifically, Payroll refers to all of the employees of a company and the total amount that is paid towards wages and salaries (including taxes and deductions).


Every company has a Payroll Department, which would normally for part of the Accounting Department. It is quite common in smaller businesses to find that one person deals with Payroll duties along with other finance related responsibilities.

Keep in mind that Payroll also involves calculating other factors that influences individual employees like overtime worked, sick pay and a range of other variables depending on the benefits and perks offered by the company.

Payroll Jobs and the duties involved

While some HR Admin and Bookkeeping staff are sometimes required to perform duties associated with Payroll – seen in cases where there is just not enough work to employ a dedicated Payroll Administrator – a Payroll Administrator is able to work in a more specialised position within Payroll.


There are a number of job titles and specialised jobs within payroll ranging to include everything from an Administrator to a Payroll Manager and Clerk.

What does a Payroll Administrator do?

Aside from ensuring that every single employee receives his or her salary at a specifically set time every month, an Administrator in this field will be involved in various tasks ranging to include the calculation of overtime, bonuses, tax liability and the employee’s benefits.


These payroll administrator jobs also involve making the necessary payments to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), as well as making all the required calculations regarding an employee’s benefits, such as medical aid and contributions made to medical aids and pension funds, to name but a few examples.

Because you will most likely be working with various Payroll Software, you are required to have a good computer literacy and a thorough knowledge of the different types of Software you are going to be working with.

Overall, Payroll jobs require various skills ranging from having an above average of skill when working with numbers, to being able to work at a fast pace in a stressful environment, without making mistakes and sacrificing on accuracy.


With the inclusion of having solid communication skills, Payroll professionals are also required to be informed of and understand the tax legislation that influences their line of work, as well as the newest developments within these legislations.

Other characteristics that will be beneficial in this line of work include honesty, organisational skills, being able to work well in a team and, because you will be in possession of confidential information, a respect for both privacy and confidentiality.

Software in Payroll

Software used within Payroll is used in order to help streamline and automate the processes involved in paying a company’s employees. These different software are used to help with a number of processes – from calculating deductions, to generating tax forms. Each software package will have its own set of features.

VIP Payroll is one of the big Payroll software used in the industry. There are also Payroll courses available for VIP Software. Modules in these courses include an Introduction to Payroll and Payroll Processing, Payroll Administration and Company Parameters, and Payroll Personnel Administration.


If you would like to learn more about these courses and VIP payroll jobs, be sure to visit the Sage VIP Payroll website.

Education options and Payroll Courses

While some professionals within Payroll have a degree in Accounting, there are various payroll courses available in South Africa that can prepare you for payroll jobs.


The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers a Higher Certificate in Accountancy where Computerised Accounting Applications – Payroll will form part of your subjects. Other subjects also included in your studies here are Basic Bookkeeping, Business Writing and Accounting.

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) Course

The ICB also offers a Financial Accounting NQF Level 3 qualification in the form of a National Certificate in Bookkeeping. Consisting of four levels, the Foundation Level of this course includes subjects that will equip you for a position as a Payroll clerk. Having at least a Grade 10 education, you can move on to the Intermediate level of this course.


After successfully completing all four levels of this course, you will receive a National Diploma in Financial Accounting (NQF L6).

To view a full list of the institutions where you can complete an ICB course, please visit the ICB Website.


Also offering a qualification in Payroll Administration (NQF L4 Certificate and a NQF L5 Diploma), your subjects here will range to include everything from Payroll Administration to personal tax returns. You will learn a range of skills – from tax calculation and project management, to accounting principles.

Other institutions where you can complete payroll courses include Damelin, College SA and College of Cape Town.


Payroll Jobs listed on Job Mail

If you are on the lookout for Payroll jobs, Job Mail is the ideal place to register your CV and apply for various exciting opportunities.

Payroll Administrator

If you are looking for Payroll Administrator jobs, this position in Durbanville might be for you. You will be responsible for handling everything from all the incoming payroll correspondence as well as queries from employees regarding medical aids and pension funds.


Payroll Clerk

A fulltime position is available for a Payroll Clerk in Edenvale. Requirements include between one and two years’ of Payroll experience.


Payroll Administrator – VIP

If you are looking for VIP Payroll jobs, this position in Johannesburg might be for you. Requirements for this position include previous experience with a large payroll.


Ready to start finding Payroll jobs in your area? Whether you are a Payroll Administrator or Clerk, you are sure to find the perfect vacancy on Job Mail. Register your CV now and start applying for jobs today.

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