Part time jobs: Cover your study expenses

Let’s face it, studying is not cheap. Not only do students need to fund their university fees, they also need to cover their living costs. Students need money for rent, transportation and food. Having some extra cash to spend on parties and other entertainment is also an important part of being a student. Part time jobs offer students an opportunity to bring in an income. With flexible working hours, part time work can be scheduled around lecture timetables. If you are looking for part time jobs for students, keep reading to find out more about suitable employment opportunities.


Becoming a waitress or a waiter is a great way to make some extra cash. Flexible working hours and low entry requirements make waitering a suitable job for people who are enrolled at a university. If you find a position at a busy restaurant, you can bring in a good salary every month. It is important to be friendly and efficient as most of your money will come from tips.


Catering jobs
Working in catering at events can help to cover your bills. As many events are scheduled for evenings or weekends you can plan around your university schedule. You will need the ability to work under pressure if you plan to apply for a catering position.


Tutoring is a fantastic part time job for students. You can find tutoring positions for high school students in subjects such as Maths, English and Biology. As long as you received a good mark in matric for the subject that you want to teach, you will be eligible for tutoring positions. If you are an advanced university student, you can tutor first year university students.


Entertainment Venues
There are plenty of general employment opportunities at entertainment venues. Not only will this type of work bring you extra cash, but it can also be a fun and exciting job. From being a barman at a nightclub to working at sports facilities, you can find a range of positions at entertainment venues. Cinemas and live entertainment venues also require part time staff.


Promoting products is a fun way to make an income. Whether it is handing out fliers or doing nightclub promotions, there are numerous positions for students. Promoters usually get paid an hourly rate so you can schedule work during periods that you are not busy at University.


Are you studying and looking for part time jobs for students that will help cover your expenses? Visit to look for great opportunities.


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