Paralegals: A rewarding and intellectually stimulating career

Legal jobs in South Africa include Paralegal positions and employees can enjoy a rewarding and intellectually stimulating career. Paralegal jobs can be found in a variety of different types of law including property, shipping, real estate and criminal law.

About Paralegal jobs:

Duties are dependent on the law firm and are also specific to the area of law that the employer works in. Paralegals perform a supportive role to attorneys and they are required to perform a diverse range of tasks. Paralegals need to have relevant qualifications or work experience which provides them with a basic understanding of the law. Paralegals are obligated to uphold strict ethical standards.


Paralegals help their employer to get ready for trial by conducting legal research and gathering pertinent information. This process also entails organising documents and information into a cohesive report. They assist the attorney with formulating client presentations.

Paralegals are involved in the client interview process. They keep notes during the first interview in order to perform follow up interviews. This duty may include finding and interviewing witnesses. After the interview the legal assistant will compile a report which contains information that is relevant to the case.


Paralegals are responsible for writing legal documents such as correspondence letters, complaints and pre-trial instructions. They are also instrumental in the day to day running of the office and perform administrative duties such as filing, reception work and maintaining records. Responsibilities may include updating the attorney’s schedule and making travel bookings. Legal assistants frequently accompany attorneys to trials and important meetings.

Applicants must have good multi-tasking skills and they must be able to communicate in a professional manner. Suitable candidates for this position have excellent computer skills, problem solving capabilities and the ability to work under pressure. Paralegal courses are offered by training institutes in South Africa. Modules include law courses such as criminal law and civil litigation as well as secretarial subjects. Paralegals can apply for a position while they are studying to gain work experience or they can wait until they have completed their course.

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  1. i need to register for paralegal studys

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Find out which college / university you can do this at and what the procedure is to do so. Google is your friend.

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