Panel Beating Jobs in the Automotive Industry

Automotive jobs offer exciting career opportunities. One popular option is to become a panel beater. Panel beater jobs provide plenty of employment opportunities. You could choose to work for yourself or join a team at a repair shop. Find panel beating jobs on Job Mail and register your CV to apply.


The Job of a Panel Beater

If you are applying for panel beater jobs, you can also apply for auto body assembler and vehicle builder positions. As a panel beater you will be tasked with repairing cars. This includes fixing metal and plastic. You may also work with fibreglass repairs.

Panel beaters use specialised tools to carry out their tasks. They fix dents on the body of vehicles and help to spray paint cars. Dents can be fixed by hammering the panel from the outside or inside of the vehicle. Dents may need to be filled and sanded.


To finish off the job, the damaged panel will need to be painted. Panel beaters remove damaged panels and fix them or replace them with new panels. To save costs second hand panels can be used as replacements. Welding work is also part of panel beating jobs. Other tasks include installing door locks and realigning chassis.

Panel beating includes working with power tools. You will be required to perform practical tasks and it is therefore important to be in good physical condition. You may choose to fix cars but you could also specialise in repair work for trucks and larger vehicles. Panel beaters typically work in a repair shop and may be required to work overtime or on weekends.

If you are interested in automotive jobs but panel beater jobs does not seem appealing to you, learn more about pray painting jobs by reading our Spray painting in the automotive and panel beating industries post for more information.

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Skills, Training and Work Environment

Now that you know what these types of automotive jobs involve you may be wondering whether this is the right career for you.

If you are passionate about cars, it is a great start to becoming a successful panel beater. You will also need to be capable of performing practical tasks. The ability to work with power tools is vital for this position. Good hand-eye co-ordination is also required.


The Department of Higher Education in collaboration with the National Artisan Moderation Body controls trades in South Africa. It is therefore vital to pass a trade test before operating as a panel beater. An entry requirement to become a qualified artisan is a minimum of 40% for grade 9 maths. A Level 2 National Certificate will also be accepted.

To become an automotive body repairer you can complete an apprenticeship and a trade test. During the apprenticeship you will be mentored by a qualified professional in the field. You will perform practical tasks and complete a work experience component during this stage. Another option is to complete an automotive components learnership and pass a trade test.

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If this sounds like the right job for you, get started on gaining the right qualifications. Once you have passed the trade test you can compile a CV and start applying for panel beating jobs. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for amazing opportunities today!

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