Office jobs – Working as a Switchboard Operator

Are you looking for office jobs? If you have good communication and organisational skills, you can consider working as a Switchboard Operator. In this role you will be required to answer and re-direct calls. With the right skills and training you will be eligible for these office positions. Find Switchboard Operator jobs on Job Mail.

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What is a Switchboard Operator?

A Switchboard Operator is responsible for overseeing their employer’s telephone system. They can typically find employment in big organisations and hotels. Companies who have high call volumes require the services of an operator. Personnel in this role are the first point of contact for callers and they redirect the call to the relevant staff member.

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In modern times most responsibilities of Switchboard Operator jobs are computerised but operators are still required to answer the calls and redirect them. An important part of this role is recording messages as well as making phone calls for staff members.

What are the daily tasks of a Switchboard Operator?

The main duty of a Switchboard Operator is to oversee the organisation’s phone communications which include multiple lines. They deal with both internal and external calls. Once the operator answers the call they assess the needs of the caller and redirect their call to the relevant staff member. Employees in this role are tasked with providing callers with information.

They respond to the basic queries that callers make which do not require the specialised expertise of another staff member. When the relevant staff member is unavailable it is important to accurately record the caller’s name, contact details and query. Switchboard Operators welcome guests to the premises and serve as the first point of contact.

ladies at work as switchboard operators

They are also required to deal with fault reports. They check the efficiency of the equipment and ensure that it is kept in good working order. Employees in Switchboard Operator jobs may be tasked with using intercoms to send out messages to other staff members.

In smaller companies the Switchboard Operator may also perform receptionist duties and administrative tasks. Administrative tasks may include responding to emails and compiling expense reports. They may be responsible for training new employees to operate the switchboard equipment.

What are the Switchboard Operator skills worth learning?

Before you apply for office jobs like these it is important to make sure that you have the right skills. Once you know what tasks working as an operator are performed it is easy to determine what skills are required. If you don’t have these capabilities already you can attend training to develop them. Gaining work experience or working as an intern is another way to improve your capabilities. Here is a list of 10 skills and personality traits that you will need to work as an operator.

  • Communication skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Reliability
  • Friendly attitude
  • Professional demeanour
  • Patience
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Customer service skills
  • Verbal English fluency
  • Organisational skills
What are the working conditions of Switchboard Operators?

Switchboard Operators typically work in a comfortable office environment. They usually work regular business hours. While employees in this role carry out tasks in a pleasant environment they may have to work under pressure during busy periods. According to Payscale this position has an average annual salary of R75 995.

How to obtain Switchboard Operator jobs

If you decide that becoming a Switchboard Operator is the right career choice for you, you can complete relevant training to increase your chances of being hired. The hiring criteria for Switchboard Operator jobs differ from employer to employer.

While there are variations in the requirements, most companies require applicants to have a National Senior Certificate. The ability to speak English fluently is also a general requirement. Once hired operators typically receive in-house training. If you don’t have a National Senior Certificate, you can complete a Vocational National Certificate in Office Administration.

team of switchboard operators

A third option is to complete a learnership in secretarial and administrative service. To enter this learning pathway you will need a minimum of a Grade 9 education level. Potential employees also look for experience when they are hiring staff for this position.

While previous experience working as a Switchboard Operator is advantageous you can also find employment in other office jobs to make your CV more attractive to potential employers.

Now that you know more about Switchboard Operator jobs, you can search online for exciting employment opportunities. Before you get started make sure that you develop the rights skills for this position.

Office jobs – Working as a Switchboard Operator
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Office jobs – Working as a Switchboard Operator
Are you looking for office jobs? If you have good communication and organisational skills, you can consider working as a Switchboard Operator.
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