Nursing Jobs in Gauteng

Looking for Nursing jobs? You can find different types of nursing jobs in Gauteng. Your qualifications, training and experience will determine which jobs you are eligible for. It is important to be registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) as it will increase your chances of being hired. Although there are careers which you can pursue without a SANC registration, registration is typically a requirement for nursing positions.


The SANC plays a crucial role by promoting health standards in South Africa. They regulate the education and training of nurses. The Council is committed to upholding professional practice, transparency and equity in South Africa. The SANC is responsible for registering nurses before they are allowed to practice.


Image Credit : South African Nursing Council (SANC)

Wound Care Sister
Wound care sisters can find employment opportunities in Gauteng. The minimum requirements for this position are matric, para-medical training and relevant experience in advanced wound care.


Nurse Manager
Vacancies in Gauteng include a position for a Nurse Manager. Positions can be found in Health Care Companies. Eligible applicants for managerial positions will have a General Nursing Diploma or a B.Cur Nursing qualification. An MBA and additional qualifications would be beneficial when applying for this position. A SANC registration is essential. This position entails shift work.


Registered Nurse
Nurses can find positions with private healthcare companies. Suitable applicants will have a nursing diploma or a B.Cur Degree as well as experience. A SANC registration is required for this position. This job entails shift work.


Specialised Nurses
Nurses who have specialised training and experience are eligible for positions in different types of hospitals. Vacancies can be found in Psychiatry, Paediatrics and Theatres. There are also Oncology and Midwifery positions available.


Nursing Facilitators Manager
Nursing Facilitators Manager positions are available in private hospitals. This position requires the ability to work as part of a team. Candidates for this position will have a Clinical Facilitators Degree, Nursing degree and at least five years of experience.


With so many nursing vacancies in Gauteng, you can choose which area you want to specialise in. If you are looking for nursing jobs, visit today, register your CV and apply.

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