New option for Premium Clients: Contact Details

Recently we made a huge change in the way that we display information on the Job Mail website. For the last two weeks contact details of Employers or Recruiters using Job Mail have been hidden on our website. Job Seekers can still view these contact details if they log into their Job Mail account or register an account with us. This was done to protect our clients and users from spam and phishing scams.

Great News for clients who are registered with Job Mail as Premium or Live ad employers, is that you now have the option to Enable or Disable the Contact details feature from your account.

Hide your Details
So what does this mean? Well, basically, when you place a Job Mail advert, displaying your contact details publicly will be disabled by default. So if you are entering your telephone number or e-mail address into the ad text, a Job Seeker will only be able to see this info if they log into their account.

If you enable this feature, it means that job seekers will be able to see your contact details even if they are not logged into their account and be able to e-mail or call you directly for the listed position.

If you’re a registered employer not using making Job Mail’s Live or Premium account options, and you’re looking to improve your Job Mail experience, feel free to contact us by email: or phone: 086 999 0222

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    I have finished my matric in 2012 I never worked befor ihave been. Treated like nothing please help me to get a job tank you

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