New Feature: Upload your CV via Google Drive

Job Mail has added another feature that makes it easier than before to upload your CV to your Job Mail profile. Now you can upload your CV via the popular cloud storage service, Google Drive.

Google Drive Logo

If your CV is saved as a Google document on your Google Drive account, follow these steps to upload it to your Job Mail profile.

1. Login to your dashboard and click on “Upload CV”.

GoogleDrive Image 1

2. Select “Google Drive” and click on “Choose CV”.

GoogleDrive Image 2

3. You will be prompted to log in to your Google account.

GoogleDrive Image 3

4. Select the file you wish to upload and click on “Select”.

GoogleDrive Image 4

5. Click on “Upload”.

GoogleDrive Image 5

You will see the success message below when your CV has been successfully uploaded.

GoogleDrive Image 6

Your Job Mail profile will now be more visible to employers and your original CV as well as your Job Mail generated CV will be sent to the employer when you apply for positions on your phone / tablet / PC.

If you’re struggling to upload your CV via Google Drive on Job Mail, please e-mail our Webmaster.

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