Nature conservation jobs as a Park Ranger

Are you looking to pursue a career in nature conservation? Why not consider taking a closer look at Game Ranger jobs on Job Mail? In this role you will get the opportunity to manage the daily operations of game reserves. Working in the setting of South Africa’s magnificent landscape is just one of the reasons to pursue this career.

game ranger scanning the plains

Image source: World Wildlife website

To be eligible for positions in this field you will need to complete Game Ranger courses. Read our blog to learn more about the average Game Ranger salary as well as everything that you need to know about this exciting career.

What to expect as a Game Ranger?

A Game Ranger work alongside ecologists and wildlife managers at game reserves with the aim of overseeing animal populations. An important part of their job is to ensure the well-being of the animals and to monitor them for diseases; they also oversee the maintenance of the reserve’s infrastructure including fencing, water supplies and road maintenance.

Rangers in this position may be required to oversee game capture as well as the introduction of new animals to the reserve. They are also tasked with the maintenance of equipment, all of which they can learn from various Game Ranger courses.

In South Africa the duties of a Ranger may include those of a field guide; alternatively the Ranger will be assisted by a field guide. Field guides communicate with visitors and they conduct tours of the area.

Part of thre about the surrounding wildlife is an important part of this role. Other tasks that are associated with this role include population management and public relations. Administrative duties are another aspect of this position.

game ranger on a game drive with visitors

Image source: South Africa Tourism website

Game Ranger jobs involve upholding the regulations of the reserve. Game Rangers protect the reserve from danger which includes poaching. Public education is a vital part of this role. The wide range of tasks that a Ranger is expected to perform means that employees in this role need to have versatile skills.

While this career seems glamorous, it requires hard work and dedication; you will need a passion for nature and animals if you want to succeed in this field of work. Physical fitness and health are required for this role and Game Ranger courses will also be beneficial in your career. Individuals who enjoy working outdoors and hiking are best suited to this position.

Working as a Game Ranger requires outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Organisational skills and self-motivation are necessary for this role. The ability to stay calm in stressful situations is important. A Game Ranger may also be referred to as a Conservation Officer or a Game Warden.

Work Environment and Salary

While Rangers work in remote locations, they are required to spend a large part of their day with people. Employees in this position spend long hours with guests as well as other staff members. The advantage of working as a Game Ranger is that you get to work in beautiful locations. In this role you aren’t confined to an office as you spend most of your time outdoors. On the job Rangers are lucky to have a peaceful work environment where they can learn something new every day.

rangers checking on the animals

Image source: Sabi Sabi South Africa website

The disadvantage of this job is that it requires irregular working hours. Typically you will work long hours which includes weekend work. While employees in this position work with guests, living remotely can be lonely and isolating. According to PayScale the average annual Game Ranger salary is R80 080.

The various Game Ranger courses to consider

Game Ranger courses are offered by various educational institutes in South Africa. You can study a National Diploma in Game Ranch Management at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. This qualification requires 3 years of study. A National Senior certificate is required to enter this learning pathway.

A Nature Conservation Diploma is also beneficial when you are applying for these positions. Another option is to complete a Natural Science Degree. The Southern Wildlife College as well as the Tshwane University of Technology offer relevant qualifications. Another option is to study at the University of South Africa. There are numerous nature Conservation courses offered by the tertiary institutes in South Africa.

rangers in training

Image source: Fight For Rhinos website

To qualify for work as a field guide you will need to study and pass the Game Ranger courses that comply with the FGASA syllabus. This syllabus has 3 levels. If you are conducting tours in areas with dangerous game, you will need to complete the trail guide component of the course as well as practical assessments. During these courses you will learn about a wide range of topics including birds, plants and ecology.

If you enjoy working outdoors, Ranger jobs provide an excellent opportunity to live amongst South Africa’s magnificent wildlife. Make a career out of your passion for animals by becoming a Game Ranger. Job Mail offers a great platform to apply for Game Ranger jobs.

Nature conservation jobs as a Park Ranger
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Nature conservation jobs as a Park Ranger
Are you looking to pursue a career in nature conservation? Why not consider taking a closer look at Game Ranger jobs on Job Mail?
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