Motivational cleansing by a Maid in Manhattan (PG)

With the holidays fast approaching it is time for you and all our other job seekers to be inspired before you continue to update your CV and send your renewed ‘selling card’ ahead of the new year. We all need a little motivation during the job hunt and today’s job related movie, Maid in Manhattan, should do just the trick. Let us begin by exploring Manhattan and its booming Hotel and Travel industry.

When you decide to pursue a career in the travel industry it is important that you live to serve others before yourself. This is true of Marisa Ventura (played by Jennifer Lopez) who is a proud chambermaid that works for one of Manhattan’s most prestigious hotels.  Marisa makes sure every guest room in the hotel is spotless and that her managers are happy with her work. The money she brings in from this job helps her to have a good quality of life to support herself and her son. There is little room in Marisa’s life for fun, until one day when she meets a senatorial candidate and her life changes forever. This modern-day Cinderella story shows us that it doesn’t matter where you come from; you have the power to be what you want. All it takes is continued hard work, nonstop dedication and the will power to go for your dreams.

The job of being a maid is very often underestimated in today’s society.  There is a big difference between “cleaning a room” and “cleaning every single room with passion.” When you stay in a hotel it is the little things that make your stay more memorable. Every hotel has its own unique signature like the personally rolled towels that match the specially folded toilet paper or the clean lavender smelling sheets with fresh flowers and a welcome chocolate. All these added benefits are done by the hotel housekeeping staff. These and other hotel cleaning staff are like your very own magical fairy Godmothers who are always taking great care and pride into making your business/ personal travel an enchanted experience.

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Once you are registered on Job Mail you can apply for all the Travel and Tourism jobs that we have on offer.  Even if you don’t have any experience in the hotel industry but after watching this movie you think that working in a hotel would be a great career move for you. We suggest that you go for it! Most hotels are very happy to train candidates that have passion and are willing to learn.

By Marina Brenner

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  1. Alfred S. Boachie says:

    Please, l am very anxious to do any kind of job so please, you can email any available vecant of I will be training. Thanks.

  2. trevor shabangu says:

    hi am looking a production job on fmcg am doing production co ordinator now and action quality manager i have 10 years on production possetion i start to work as stock controller after i get promotion to work as Qc for 5 years then i grow to run production as a forman for 3 years now a i have lot of expieriance please im looking a new challenge for 2012 new job in production mananging the staff

  3. Elizabeth says:

    hi am looking for job of Office Administration. I am committed to pursuing a career in A+. I’m currently between job and studying my office admin,i pass all may exam in typing, Ms word, Excel, PowerPoint, Intro to PC and Office Administration. I’m left with my Final exam to write on the 3 February. I’m working at internet cafe, in addition to my normal duties I’m responsible for invoicing, helping my customer going through internet, doing printing, laminating, writing documents, faxing and answering calls. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks.

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