More useful CV improvement tips from a recruiter

Job Mail recently asked Kathy from Pro Jobs Recruitment to review another 10 CV’s from Job Seekers. Thanks to her input I can now provide those of you who are struggling with your CV format with some more CV improvement tips from a recruiter. I trust that you’ll find these hints very useful.

CV Improvement Tips 01

When you’re setting up your CV, take note of the following tips:

• Make sure that you state the words “Curriculum Vitae of” or “C.V . of” somewhere on your CV. Stating this makes it clear that it’s a CV not a collection of memoirs that you’ve written down recently.

• When stating your personal details, make sure that you include all your details. Include your e-mail address, physical address and a contact telephone number where you can be reached. If you don’t have an alternative contact telephone number rather leave the field out of your CV than leaving it blank.

• Make sure that you fill in your references the correct way. Include the company name, the contact person’s name and surname, his / her designation / position in the company and a telephone number where they can be reached. Include a land line if possible.

CV Improvement Tips 02

Also take note of the following tips when setting up your CV:

• When you’re setting up your personal information section on your CV make sure that you include the field names before the information you provide. It looks neater that way.

• Include the marital status field in the personal information section. The outcome of your interview might be different if the interviewer / recruiter sees that you are single or married.

• When stating your Educational Qualifications include the school that you attended, the highest grade you passed and the subjects that you had in school. Be as thorough you can be.

• Computer literacy is essential in this day and age and employers want to know what you’re capable of doing. Make sure that you list the programs and software packages that you are familiar with. State the level of proficiency that you have for each of them (Basic, Medium or Advanced).

• Make sure that you include a list of skills that you have. Try not to mix up your list of skills with your computer literacy section. If you’re a skilled typist, say you are. Make sure that you include every skill you have on this list in your CV.

CV Improvement Tips 03

Also take note of the following hints:

• When you’re compiling the work experience section on your CV make sure that you include a clear list of duties that you had in your current / previous occupation(s). Set them out in an ordered list.

• If you’re mentioning a previous job include the  “Reason for Leaving” field. Indicate this clearly and be truthful and as professional as can be.

• Make sure that you include the period that were employed by your previous employer. Try not to leave any gaps in your work history. The date you state doesn’t have to be the exact day, but should at least indicate the month and the year.

There you have it, more useful CV improvement tips from a recruiter.  Big Thanks to Kathy from Pro-Jobs Recruitment for taking her time to review the CV’s that we have forwarded to her.

If you’ve learned something today, feel free to spread the word about these useful CV improvement tips by sharing this article on Twitter and Facebook. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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