Millwright Jobs in South Africa

Millwright jobs in South Africa offer interesting career opportunities. If you enjoy working with machinery then becoming a Millwright is a great career choice. With Millwright jobs available across a variety of sectors, there is a range of positions to choose from. Whether you are an experienced professional or an entry level job seeker, knowing about the scope of this position is beneficial.


The primary role of a Millwright is to work with machines such as gear boxes, conveyors and bearings. Millwrights team up with other tradesmen to assemble and install machinery. As well as installation work, Millwrights are also responsible for repairing and maintaining industrial machines. Millwrights are required to handle unassembled machine parts when they are delivered. This involves moving the parts and preparing them to be assembled. Maintenance involves lubricating machine parts as well as replacing worn parts. Millwrights are responsible for overhauling machinery which entails cleaning the parts of the machine.

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A variety of different materials and tools are used by a Millwright to complete their duties. Millwrights often work with steel and power tools. Grinders or lathes may be required to make unique parts. Hoisters and pulleys are used to complete some duties. Other tools that a Millwright uses are micrometres, gauge blocks and dial indicators.

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It is essential for Millwrights to have the right skills to complete their duties. Millwrights must have the skills to read blueprints and understand technical instructions. It is also essential to have an in-depth understanding of the machinery’s load-bearing capabilities. A comprehensive knowledge of fluid mechanics is required for this position. Millwrights must be meticulous and accurate. The ability to pay attention to detail is required for this position. Planning and problem solving capabilities are also necessity for Millwrights.


There are employment opportunities for Millwrights across a broad range of sectors. Employment opportunities can be found in factories, steel mills and power stations. Positions are also available in mining and oil refineries. Unique positions include working at airports or Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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    Your layout of The Millwright’s duties and tools arevery outdated and wrong. I am a Iscor qualified Millwright and across the board we work more with electronics, drives and plc’s. On the mechanical side, we do it so smallscale that we rarely use a crane.
    Kind Regards. DM Grobler

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