Merchandising jobs in the retail industry

Are you looking for exciting merchandising jobs in the retail industry? If you have excellent communication and numerical skills, you may want to consider these retail jobs.

From budgeting to analysing data, you will be responsible for numerous important tasks as a merchandiser. Merchandisers play a vital role in maximising profits in the retail industry.


What is Merchandising?

Are you looking for an answer to the question, ‘what is merchandising?’ Then you have come to the right place. Before you decide whether this is the right career for you, you will need an in-depth understanding of what merchandisers do.

Merchandisers are responsible for placing products in the right retail outlet at the right time. Retail outlets may include stores in shopping centres or virtual stores online. They are also responsible for the quantity of products that are distributed to each retail outlet.

Close communication with buying teams is an integral part of merchandising jobs. Professionals in this role work with buyers with the aim of predicting trends and organising stock accordingly. They also monitor the performance of each product which can be used to plan future buying strategies.

While the buyer and merchandiser work closely together, there are significant differences between these roles. The buyer chooses which products to buy while the merchandiser determines the quantity of products that are purchased.

merchandising jobs

Merchandisers oversee the amount of money that is invested into each product line. While these roles differ, in smaller companies, these jobs may include the responsibilities of a buyer.

When it comes to retail jobs, merchandisers are in demand as they play a vital role in the retail industry. The profits of a company are affected by the decisions of the merchandiser. Employees in this role are expected to determine the prices of products with the goal of maximising profits.

They oversee the performance of products and run promotions and sales when required. Liaising with suppliers is another duty that is associated with this position. Merchandisers manage deliveries and product distribution.

Merchandiser Job Description

The merchandiser job description entails a wide range of tasks which vary from company to company. Their responsibilities typically include developing project ranges and sales strategies through collaboration with buyers.

In addition to consulting with buyers, merchandisers also work closely with analysts, retail outlets and distributers. They collect data and keep records which help to guide future strategies.

Merchandisers play a role in the development of product displays with the help of visual-display employees. They create layout plans for retail outlets. Employees in this role are expected to predict profits and optimise product sales. They make presentations on sales predictions for the latest product ranges.

working as a merchandiser in retail

Another aspect of the merchandiser job description includes monitoring stock according to their sales predictions. They use computer software to analyse data and determine the optimal quantity of products to purchase. An important part of this position involves reviewing the performance of competitors.

Merchandisers monitor the performance of products to learn from successful products as well as to develop strategies for underperforming products. Duties include supervising and training junior staff members.

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Merchandiser Training, Qualifications and Salary

Merchandiser jobs are offered by retail outlets, online stores, manufacturers and suppliers. Merchandisers work normal business hours from 9 am to 5 pm during the week. During special events, or if there is a problem with product sales, the merchandiser may be required to work additional hours.

Merchandiser jobs usually offer full-time employment opportunities. The work environment for this position is office based. Employees in this position need to be able to work independently as well as part of a team. While the majority of the duties are carried out in the office, trips to retail outlets and suppliers are also required.

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The salary for merchandising jobs depends on the size of the company, location and product type. The average annual salary is between R 40 301 per month or R20 per hour. Experience as well as sales and merchandiser skills have an impact on salary.

To succeed as a merchandiser you will need outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills. Numerical capabilities are also required. This position requires excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation capabilities.

Creativity, computer literacy and self-confidence are also required. Experience working at other retail jobs will increase your chances of being hired as a merchandiser. Entry-level positions in retail offer excellent opportunities to develop your skills and gain industry related experience. Merchandising positions generally require a degree.

While any graduates can apply for this role, qualifications in accountancy, finance, business, economics and marketing are beneficial. You can develop relevant skills by completing merchandising courses at South African educational institutes such as UNISA and Damelin.

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