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The medical industry, on a global scale, provides a huge amount of job opportunities. One of the fastest growing industries on the planet is the Medical industry, and Medical jobs which produces up to 10% of most developed countries’ gross domestic product. The medical industry is a very broad collection of many varied kinds of healthcare jobs that range from department of health jobs like basic admin work all the way to physician and nursing jobs. The United States has the biggest medical and healthcare industries in the world, then Switzerland and Germany in second and third place. On average, each American will spend 8362 dollars on health care services every year. Worldwide health care expenditure was estimated at 6.5 trillion dollars in 2012.


The benefits of working in healthcare jobs

There are numerous benefits to working in the medical industry. The most obvious one is the fact that you get to help people. Regardless of your role, you will be involved in making sure that patients are well looked after and receive proper care.

The industry is growing at a rapid rate which means that you will normally always have job openings that are available for you to fill. Some of the quickest growing jobs worldwide are in the medical industry so you will be spoilt for choice. The problem here is that enrolment rates are also on the rise, and due to this fact, you need to make sure that you are better qualified than the next person to guarantee that you are a candidate for jobs within the field of healthcare.


Lastly, you have flexible working hours as your schedules will always change. The work is fast paced as there are always emergencies or issues of a serious nature that will arise unexpectedly. Then there’s the excellent pay that you receive and the great benefits like reduced prices on health insurance and access to the best medical care available.

Now we will run through ten of the most desirable medical jobs in the world right now.

Top 10 medical jobs in the world


A Pharmacist is a person who dispenses medication and various remedies to individuals who have visited a physician. Pharmacists need to have an in depth understanding of medical conditions, dosing amounts, how a patient can react to these, and medical regulations. A person in this profession will also need to manage their staff and make sure that they also follow proper safety procedures. Pharmacists can are employed in many different medical environments like pharmacies, hospitals, private businesses and a variety of long term healthcare facilities like homes for the elderly.

To become a Pharmacist, you need a bachelor’s of pharmacy degree, then you will need to write the national board exams that are specific to your country and possibly register with the board that governs the pharmaceutical industry in the country you wish to practice in.

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The podiatry profession involves everything that has to do your feet, ankles and the related structures of the leg. A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine, who are especially suited to diagnose and treat conditions of the feet and legs. As a podiatrist, you can specialize in a few different fields, these are surgery, sports related medicine, pediatrics which is the specialized care of infants and children’s and then lastly, diabetic care which involves a lot of work with the feet.


If you want to qualify as a Podiatrist then you will need to complete four years of training in Podiatry medicine and then a further three years in residency training which is the standard practice for more doctors and physicians.

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Physical therapist

PT’s or Physical therapists are professionals in diagnosing and treating people with a massive variety of ailments across a wide variety of ages. You treat and diagnose conditions that interfere with the patient’s ability to move and perform normal daily activities. As a physical therapist, you will be tasked with helping patients with the ability to move, their pain levels, present disability and encourage free movement. As each person that you treat will have a different ailment, you will need to customize the treatment to each end every patient. There are also people that specialize in certain conditions like speech issues or mobility issues.

If this appeals to you then to qualify for these types of medical jobs, you will need to first complete your physical therapist degree from a registered institution in your country. The requirements vary greatly from place to place. You will also have to pass the country’s licensing exam and then register as a qualified Physical Therapist with the governing body in your country of practice.

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Nursing jobs

A Nurse Practitioner, otherwise known as an advanced registered nurse, is essentially a nurse with higher level medical education. This extra level of schooling means that these nurses can perform functions that normally only a physician would be able to perform. They can do things like performing exams, asking patients about their medical history and authorize treatments. They also play a huge role in educating patients and their family about their ailments. These nurses can also specialize in a certain population in a given society, for example providing specialized care for children. They differ from normal family doctors in the sense that they can only perform a basic diagnosis and help people that have known conditions. A doctor would be needed if the condition is not obvious.


To qualify for these nursing jobs, you will need to first become a registered nurse, then you will need to obtain a nurse practitioner degree in advanced nursing practices. This can take between two and four years depending on how actively you participate in the educational program. If you wish to specialize further then you will need to take additional courses in pediatrics as an example.

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Do you dread going to the dentist? Well you might not want to dread becoming one, the dentist is one of the most sought after professions in healthcare jobs. As a dentist, it’s your job to diagnose and identify problems with patients’ mouths, teeth and gums. Your tasks are mostly cleaning and extracting teeth, performing fillings and creating dentures for patients. Some dentists will specialize in something like serious oral issues, becoming dental surgeons or orthodontists who are dentists that specifically work with straightening people’s teeth with the use or braces. People will always have teeth and that means that you will always have patients to work on.

The road to becoming a dentist is definitely arduous. Its starts off in high school where you need to get very good marks in subjects like chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. You will need to take a Dental Admission Test, these marks will determine whether or not you even get into dental school. It’s very competitive, so great recommendations will help you go a long way.

At the dental school you will go through a wide range of courses and then you will have to become licensed by the country that you work in to practice as a dentist.

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Dental assistant jobs

A dental assistant is a person who helps the dentist to perform their duties. Your tasks are to prepare patients for cleaning and dental work. You will sterilize the equipment and prepare it for each patient. You might also have to process x-rays and maintain details on the patients you have.


In terms of training for dental assistant jobs, this is one of the few high paying medical jobs that don’t really need any formal qualifications. Certain countries do need you to be qualified however. You will have to pass a dental assistant certification exam which will be administered by the dental association in your country. The good thing here is this is the perfect way to get into dentistry as you are getting hands on experience and training on the job.

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Audiology is a very specialized field within healthcare jobs. They only deal with hearing issues and resulting problems with balance in children and adults. An audiologist will normally use devices like hearing aids, therapy or medication to combat these problems. It is also your job to suggest and fit hearing aids or cochlear implants and then give support and rehabilitate the patient after the devices have been installed. It’s a good idea for you to have a background in auditory training, speech, best reading practices and listening skills improvement.

To qualify to become an audiologist one needs to first get a doctorate in audiology degree. Good marks in science at school will be hugely beneficial as you will first need a bachelor’s degree, and then a master’s degree, in a field of science. Once this has been done, you can then do a doctorate in audiology. Similarly, you can also do a doctorate in audiology from a master degree in the medical field as well.

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A dietitian is someone who is registered and qualified to help patients with issues in their diet. Your diet can influence many thing from your skin to more serious ailments, so this type of profession is widely consulted by the public. Conditions like obesity and eating disorders have become big problems in our society and these individuals are qualified to address these issues. Dietitians use scientific methods to draw conclusions and then they have to monitor and evaluate the changes that their clients have made in their diets and the results of these changes.


The training requirements differs vastly from country to country, and some don’t even regulate this profession at all. In general, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of dietetics, foods and nutrition, clinical nutrition, food service systems management or a related area. Many of the people in this profession already have an advanced degree which they normally use to help them in their dietitian work. There might be an internship involved that you will have to complete.

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Paramedic jobs

A paramedic is someone that provides advanced emergency medical care. These people are highly educated in the fields of human anatomy, cardiology, medications, and best practice medical procedures. You will mostly be working in an emergency response unit like an ambulance. You are normally tasked with giving patients medications, inserting intravenous lines, clearing and maintaining clear airways for patients, and learning to resuscitate and support patients with significant physical problems like those suffering from severe trauma.

In most counties, in order to qualify for paramedic jobs, you first need to undertake an EMT or paramedic course. Then this will make you eligible for a proper EMT or paramedic education course. You will have to pass a paramedics exam and be registered as a paramedic with your country’s paramedic regulatory body.

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These are the primary care givers of the medical world. You go to a physician for everything from a broken arm to a cold. There are two main types of physicians, namely Medical Doctors (M.D.s) and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.s). Both of these kinds of physicians diagnose and treat patients, but the more qualified Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can specialize in holistic patient care and preventive medicine.


In terms of training, the Physician will need very good marks at school for subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics. You will then have to take a Medical College Admission Test or MCAT and pass this with a good score so you can get into a good medical school. You will spend two years doing class work and two more years doing practical work under the supervision of experienced doctors in a proper medical setting. You can then specialize further if you wish, the specializations vary a lot from country to country and from college to college.

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As you can see, medical jobs are in high demand across the world and depending on where you live, there will be different requirements for working in those healthcare jobs. If you are already qualified, then why not browse through Job Mail’s extensive collection of vacancies that are available in South Africa. From nursing jobs to department of health jobs, you will definitely find the perfect medical vacancy. Register your CV on today.

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